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MAILED: June 15, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — As a result of action by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents June 11, UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Donald Mash has announced promotions in rank and tenure and other changes of status for members of the faculty and academic staff.
Faculty promoted to professor include Mike Christopherson, art; Dr. Helen Dale, English; Dr. Robert Erffmeyer, management and marketing; Dr. Sean Hartnett, geography; Dr. Thomas King, communication disorders; Dr. Sherry Macaul, curriculum and instruction; Dr. Maureen Mack, curriculum and instruction; Dr. Susan McIntyre, curriculum and instruction; Dr. Larry Morse, psychology; Dr. William Ogden, accounting and finance; Dr. Kenneth Schmidt, curriculum and instruction; Steve Terwilliger, art; and Dr. Barbara Wimunc-Pearson, music and theatre arts.
Faculty granted tenure and promoted to associate professor include Dr. Debra Barker, English; Dr. D'Arcy Becker, accounting and finance; Dr. Veena Chadha, mathematics; Dr. Selika Ducksworth, history; Dr. Marc Goulet, mathematics; Dr. Karen Havholm, geology; Dr. Paula Kleintjes, biology; Dr. Lisa LaSalle, communication disorders; and Dr. Jennifer Shaddock, English.
Faculty granted tenure include Dr. Harry Jol, geography; Dr. Helena Jones, biology; J. Brian Mahoney, geology; and Dr. J. Todd Stephens, special education.
Faculty promoted to associate professor are Dr. Susan Harrison, computer science, and Bobby Pitts, art.
The following academic staff received promotions: Dan Drumm, computing and networking services, to senior systems programmer; Elizabeth Hicks, academic and career services, to senior student services coordinator; Rajalakshmi Baradwaj, mathematics, to senior lecturer; Marie Crothers, psychology, to lecturer; Dawn Kalsow, psychology, to lecturer; Carrie Madden, psychology, to lecturer; John Lee, Media Development Center, to senior media specialist; Gene Leisz, Media Development Center, to senior artist; and Carol Craig, psychology, to senior lecturer. In addition, the title for Paul Eckardt, computing and networking services, was changed to administrative program manager III.
Academic staff granted indefinite status are Judy Berthiaume, News Bureau; Cynthia Hofacker, College of Business; Beth Jansen-Bonde, Health Services; Sheila Pederson, Publications Office; Melissa Vogler, Financial Aid; and Allen Wiberg, University Centers/Programs.

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Updated: June 15, 1999