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MAILED: May 25, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will offer a variety of diverse sports camps this summer to teach sports skills and introduce the university to potential students.
The following programs will be offered during the summer of 1999:
  • Badger Basketball Camp will be offered in five one-week camps beginning June 6 and ending July 16. Directed by Terry Gibbons and Lisa Stone, Blugold basketball head coaches, the camp is geared for boys and girls in grades five-12. It will teach basketball fundamentals and provide written evaluations of strengths and weaknesses. For more information, call camp director Todd Oehrlein at (715) 836-7353.
  • Blugold Cross Country and Track and Field Camps will run July 25-29. The camps, directed by track head coaches Tracy Yengo and Scott Steuernagel, will teach techniques to maximize athletes' abilities. Camps will stress small group and individual coaching, and participants will learn champions' secrets from training to mental preparation. For more information, call Yengo at (715) 836-2649.
  • Gymnastics and Aquatics School for Children will run from June 15-July 1. The program, directed by Mary Mero, will be available to children in grades one-six. It will include physical activities of gymnastics, swimming, soccer, dance, and track and field. For more information, call Mero at (715) 836-3722.
  • Blugold Soccer Camps will be offered June 21-25 and July 26-30 for children in grades three-12. Head soccer coach Sean Yengo will direct the camp. The camp will stress fun and progress and will include imaginative exercises that resemble match competitions. For more information, call Yengo at (715) 836-4097.
  • Blugold Summer Hockey Program, directed by former Blugold coach Ian Perrin, will be offered in June, July and August for children ages 8-14. The eight programs will provide opportunities for players to expand their hockey knowledge and skills with fun. For more information, call Perrin at (715) 836-4516.
  • Summer Gymnastics Camp will celebrate its 30th anniversary when it's offered July 5-10 and July 12-17. The camp, directed by Mary Mero, will offer participants ages 5 and over activities in vaulting, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, tumbling, dance and trampoline. For more information, contact Mero at (715) 836-3722.
  • Blugold Swimming Camps will be held June 6-11 for children ages 10-17. Blugold head coach Tom Prior will direct the camp. Attention will be given to proper mechanics in starts, turns and competitive strokes. Discussions, demonstrations and videotaping will be used. For more information, call Prior at (715) 836-4422.
  • Blugold Tennis Camp will be offered July 25-30. Coach Felipe Teixeira will direct the camp. It will stress the fundamentals of play through instruction and drills. Players will practice their skills in match situations and learn training techniques including mental training and nutritional tips. For more information, call (715) 836-2546.
  • Blugold Strength and Conditioning Camps will be held in June and July for area high school athletes. The focus of the camp, directed by coach Todd Glaser, will be to improve athletes' performances through a comprehensive strength and flexibility program including individual workouts. For more information, call Glaser at (715) 836-3401.
  • Blugold Volleyball Camps will be held in July and August. The four camps, directed by coach Lisa Herb, will stress fundamentals through instruction and drills. The camps will teach participants how to apply their skills to gain a better understanding of team offensive and defensive situations. For more information, call Herb at (715) 836-5475.


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Updated: May 25, 1999