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Twenty-Six UW-Eau Claire Students
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MAILED: Feb. 26, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Twenty-six University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students have been selected to present papers and posters at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 8 to 10.
The University of Rochester, in Rochester, N.Y., will host NCUR99, which will feature some 2,000 undergraduate students presenting research from all disciplines.
"I am extremely proud that UW-Eau Claire has such a large contingent of students presenting at the NCUR conference," said Thomas Miller, interim provost and vice chancellor. "The level of undergraduate student research is one of the strengths of this university. It sets UW-Eau Claire apart from its peers and it provides a splendid opportunity for close faculty/student interaction and for students to learn and apply high order thinking skills."
The students going to the 1999 conference make up the largest single group of presenters UW-Eau Claire has ever sent to the conference, said Christopher Lind, assistant dean for University Research. In 1998, 11 UW-Eau Claire students presented papers or posters and just four students made the trip in 1997, he said.
"There is a much bigger interest in research projects among UW-Eau Claire's undergraduate students than there had been in the past," Lind said. "The university has increased its support of research and its emphasis on collaboration.
"As a result, there is a growing number of students who are generating research results and looking for opportunities to disseminate the results of their work to national audiences."
Thanks to differential tuition and a university commitment to undergraduate research, more dollars are available for research projects and funds are available to assist students to travel with faculty around the United States to present their findings, Lind said.
This year, the 26 UW-Eau Claire student representatives at NCUR will make 20 paper and poster presentations at the conference. Research areas vary from biology to psychology to political science.
"It's not only science; it covers all disciplines," Lind said of the research topics addressed by UW-Eau Claire students.
The conference will provide students with an opportunity to present their research at a national level, Lind said, noting that he's heard of UW-Eau Claire students being recruited for graduate schools as a result of their presentations. But including this type of experience in their portfolios of undergraduate accomplishments will be helpful whether students apply to graduate schools or for jobs after they graduate, Lind said.
Each of the UW-Eau Claire students chosen to present at the conference selected a project to research and was assisted by a faculty mentor. The UW-Eau Claire Center of Excellence for Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration provided financial support for projects.
    Students and projects selected for the spring conference are:
  • Senior biology major Darly Knoedler, Dodgeville, for a project titled "Naloxone's Effects on Activity-Induced Resetting of Circadian Rhythms." Knoedler's faculty mentor was Daniel Janik, assistant professor of biology.
  • Senior economics major Emily Williams, Boyceville, for a project titled "Assessing the Primary Determinants of Driver Safety in the Motor Carrier Industry." She worked with Kristen Monaco, assistant professor of economics.
  • Junior English major Jessie Bylander, River Falls, for a project titled "The Trouble with St. John: The Removal, Repair and reconstruction of St. John Rivers in Film Adaptations of Jane Eyre." Bernard Duyfhuizen, professor of English, was her faculty mentor.
  • Senior geography major Paul Haughton, Occonomowoc, senior geology major Anthony Viavattine, Wauwatosa, and senior geography major Brian Thayer, New Berlin, for a project titled "Using GPS to Record Bathymetric Readings on Lower Mehmabin Lake." Sean Hartnett, associate professor of geography, was the faculty mentor.
  • Senior geography major Brian Thayer, New Berlin, for a project titled "Detailed Ground Penetrating Radar Profiles Showing Coastline Depositional Rates, Washington." He worked with Harry Jol, assistant professor of geography.
  • Senior geology major Anthony Viavattine, Wauwatosa, and senior geography major Paul Haughton, Oconomowoc, for a project titled "Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation of Potential Native American Burial Mounds." Their faculty mentors were Harry Jol and Garry Running, assistant professors of geography.
  • Senior social studies major Amanda Adams, Rochester, Minn., for a project titled "Incorrigible Females: Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls, 1875-1900." She worked with Jane Pederson, professor of history professor.
  • Senior history and American Indian Studies major Martin Stelter, Cumberland, and senior social studies major Brian Cothroll, Fort Atkinson, for the project "The Sesquicentennial History of the Wisconsin State Constitution." James Oberly, professor of history, was the faculty mentor.
  • Senior mathematics major Holly Hauschild, Glidden, for a project titled "Invariants of Polynomial Poisson Algebras." She worked with Michael Penkava, assistant professor of mathematics.
  • Senior mathematics and economics major Jason Vinar, Coon Rapids, Minn., for a project titled "Moment Generating Function and MAPLE V — A Dynamic Duo." He worked with Gwendolyn Applebaugh, associate professor of mathematics.
  • Senior philosophy major Terry Carpenter, Eau Claire, for a project titled "Addressing Justifications for Punishment, and the Role of these Justifications in Jurisprudential Responsibility." Carpenter worked with Edward Beach and Caroline Picart, assistant professors of philosophy and religious studies.
  • Senior political science major Marlin Hardinger, Marshfield, and junior political science major James Hanke, Cadott, for a project titled "Globalization and the Middle East: Measuring Globalization." They worked with Ali Abootalebi, assistant professor of political science.
  • Senior political science major Eric McBride, Hattiesburg, Miss., and junior political science major Eric Kasper, Merrill, for the project "Assessing Eau Claire's Social Capital." Rodd Freitag, assistant professor of political science, was the faculty mentor.
  • Senior psychology major Scott Ritter, Green Bay, senior psychology major Nicole Sitzer, St. Paul, Minn., and junior psychology major Cheri Ness, North St. Paul, Minn., for a project titled "Does a Course in Ethics Make a Difference in the Self-Rated and Actual Knowledge Among Undergraduates." Blaine Peden, professor of psychology, was the faculty mentor.
  • Senior psychology major Laura Lockner, Faribault, Minn., for a project titled "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Are Video Gamers at Risk." She worked with faculty mentor Blaine Peden, professor of psychology.
  • Junior accounting major Cynthia Tryba, Junction City, for a project titled "The Influence of Instructor Gender and Student Gender on Student Grades Across the Accounting Curriculum." The faculty mentor was D'Arcy Becker, assistant professor of accounting and finance.
  • Junior marketing major Lori Christians, Wausau, for her project titled "Tapping into the Experiences of Marketing Graduates." Charles Tomkovick, associate professor of management and marketing, was the faculty mentor.
  • Senior music therapy major Jeffrey Miller, Eau Claire, for a project titled "Therapeutic Applications of Rock 'n' Roll." Miller worked with Lee Anna Rasar, associate professor of allied health professions.
  • Senior nursing major Nicoletta Patakos, Platteville, for a project titled "Provider and Recipient Opinions of Nursing and Health Care in Greece." The faculty mentors were Marjorie Oleson, associate professors of nursing systems, and Cathy Cooper, instructor of nursing systems.
  • Senior social work major Leah Olson, Westby, and senior social work major Victoria Adkins, Eau Claire, for their project titled "A Comparison of Two Community-Based Mental Health Treatments." Their faculty mentors were Donald Mowry, associate professor of social work, and Richard Ryberg, assistant professor of social work.


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