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MAILED: Feb. 22, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — When Dmitry Yarushkin was looking to enroll in an MBA program, a college or university in America's Midwest was his first choice.
Having studied at Minnesota and Iowa schools in the past, he was anxious to again study among people whom he felt were intelligent enough to teach him well but modest enough to let him share his international expertise with them.
Yarushkin found the combination he was looking for in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's Master of Business Administration program.
"I saw the MBA program at UW-Eau Claire as being different from most," said Yarushkin, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. "It's more personal. It's more than achieving specific knowledge like two plus two equals four. It's more about making information available and helping you understand how you can use it.
"I like the people in the Midwest. And I thought the university was looking for more international students. If I could contribute to making the university more international, I am very happy to do it."
Yarushkin was living in Russia when he came across UW-Eau Claire's MBA program on its Web site. The e-mail conversations that followed with Dr. Robert Erffmeyer, associate professor of management and marketing, piqued his interest even more, Yarushkin said. Finally, a friend living in the Midwest visited the university and reported back to him that it was all that he had hoped it would be.
"We are delighted to have Dmitry and two other international students in our program," Erffmeyer said, noting that students from Malaysia and Cypress are currently enrolled. "We think having that international component adds a new dimension to the program. It provides our students from the Chippewa Valley a window to the world."
Many of the students who are enrolled in the program have no or limited international experience, Erffmeyer said.
"It's nice for us to have the international students in the classes and I know their classmates appreciate it too," said Erffmeyer, who Yarushkin credits with making it possible for him to attend the university. "It's an important component 3/4 for both the students from the Chippewa Valley and for the international students. We will try to include international students in every MBA class."
Erffmeyer said that the Internet and e-mail have made it easier for international students to learn about programs at UW-Eau Claire and for university officials to communicate with people from around the world who are interested in the program and resolve problems.
For example, Yarushkin had problems securing a visa and was nervous after being turned down twice. Yarushkin told Erffmeyer of the problems in an e-mail message. Karl Markgraf, director of UW-Eau Claire's Center for International Education, happened to be in St. Petersburg and convinced the American consulate to grant its approval, Yarushkin said, noting that V. Thomas Dock, dean of the College of Business, also helped him work through the bureaucracy. "These people made a team and did what they could to help me come here," he said.
Faculty, staff and other UW-Eau Claire students have already made him feel like a part of the community, Yarushkin said, noting that he was impressed by the interest students show in international students.
"They seem to realize that having international students here benefits both of us," Yarushkin said.
While Yarushkin has only been in Eau Claire for several weeks, already he is considering looking for a job in the area when he completes his two-year MBA program. Ideally, he'd like to find a position with a financial service organization that has international interests, he said.

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