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Professor Emeritus Bill Benson
Donates Nine Original Prints
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MAILED: Dec. 8, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — A former faculty member has donated nine original prints to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in recognition of nine decades of outstanding leadership in the field of education.
Professor Emeritus William Benson taught printmaking and art education at UW-Eau Claire for 31 years before retiring in December 1997. As a professor, Benson displayed the donated prints for his printmaking students each semester to inspire and educate them.
Among the printmakers whose work is represented is former UW-Eau Claire student Mark Wilson and his color lithograph "If I'm Not There, Make Yourself At Home." Lithography is a printmaking technique where a metal plate is brushed with an image and chemically treated in different areas to repel or accept water or ink.
Also on display is John Will's intaglio "View from St. Thomas Moore." Intaglio is a printing technique that pushes paper into a depressed metal plate and is filled with ink. Each print is displayed with a label explaining the specific printmaking processes involved.
Other pieces on display are John Knudsen's engraving "The Fish," Evan Lindquist's engraving "Emu," Merilyn Smith's etching "Waiting," Mary Apple's engraving with drypoint "Before the Concert," James A. Burke's etching "Trees," Olympia Ogilvie's intaglio "Remembrance" and Mildred J. Mauseth's intaglio "Plant." All have been on display since mid-November in the lobby and second floor hall of the Haas Fine Arts Center.
The prints have nature themes, which Benson said is appropriate given the building site.
"Hopefully they will continue to refresh and inspire for years to come," Benson said. "The prints reveal clearly the subtle qualities of an original work versus a commonly-marketed photo-litho reproduction of a drawing or painting."
The artists represented were colleagues of Benson's during his graduate studies at the University of Iowa. All studied under Mauricio Lasansky, who already has two pieces displayed in the stairwell area of the Haas Fine Arts Center.
"It's appropriate that master and students should be seen in the same general area," Benson said.
The effort to put the pieces on display was coordinated by Benson. Tom Wagener, director of the Foster Gallery, constructed the frames for the artwork and worked with Benson to arrange their placement in the Haas Fine Arts Center. Terry Classen, director of Facilities, Planning and Management made the arrangements to have the pieces installed.

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Updated: Dec. 8, 1998