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MAILED: August 27, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — Three Eau Claire hotels will house 282 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students this fall because campus residence halls again are filled beyond capacity, said Charles Major, director of housing and residence life.
The Holiday Inn Campus Area will house 150 students, another 72 students will live at the Quality Inn and 60 students will call the Ramada Inn home this semester.
"It's been a very favorable experience," Major said of students living in hotels in past years. "It's been positive from the student and administrative perspective, as well as that of the hotel operators."
Of the 282 students who will live in the hotels this fall, 80 are upperclassmen who requested such placement, Major said. Some freshmen had heard about the living arrangement and requested it, but most were placed there because theirs were the last housing contracts to come in, he said.
This is the fourth consecutive year that some UW-Eau Claire students have been housed in hotels near the campus but the first time that three hotels were needed to accommodate the large numbers, Major said, noting that 60 more students will be housed at the hotels than last year.
"It's an added challenge," Major said of the three locations. "I'd rather they were all housed in one place, but that's not possible for the hotels. We'll have staff in all three places, and with the city bus schedule and our housing and residence life van, there should be convenient transportation to and from campus from about 7 to 1 a.m."
Two residence hall assistants will live at the Quality Inn, two will live at the Ramada Inn and four will live at the Holiday Inn, Major said. Two head residents will be responsible for the students in addition to those who live in their on-campus residence halls.
Given past experience, it's likely that at least some of the students will continue to live in the hotels throughout the year — though they are given the opportunity to move to a residence hall as rooms open up on campus, Major said.
Housing students in area hotels underscores the importance of building a new residence hall at UW-Eau Claire, Major said, adding that a new hall has been needed for at least 15 years. Groundbreaking for that project is expected this fall, with its first tenants expected to take occupancy during the spring or summer of the year 2000, he said.
"We're excited about the new hall," Major said. "It's going to be an attractive property, particularly for upperclassmen. With the apartment-style design, students will get the privacy they want in off-campus housing with the convenience of living on campus."
While the university's student enrollment has remained fairly consistent in recent years, the number of students wanting to live on campus has increased, Major said of the reason for the overload in the residence halls. For example, this year there are 170 more upperclassmen who signed up to live on campus than have in past years, he said.
"It's a challenge but I'd rather that challenge than the challenge of only having 85 percent occupancy like some schools face," Major said. "I think it's the high quality of the programs and facilities that make students want to live in our residence halls. There is just a tremendous number of programs that get students involved."

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Updated: August 27, 1998