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MAILED: July 27, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — The dedication to student/faculty collaborative research that the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire prides itself on has been recognized in a national publication.
The spring 1997 edition of The Compass, a publication of the earth science honor society Sigma Gamma Epsilon, featured several collaborative research projects completed by UW-Eau Claire faculty and students in the geology department.
SGE regularly honors schools with excellence in student research through this publication, said Martin Miller, who at the time was a visiting assistant professor in the UW-Eau Claire geology department and the university's SGE adviser.
"I think the students and faculty are doing really wonderful research and I thought I could be kind of the organizer," Miller said.
After research projects were conducted, written and reviewed, Miller edited the papers and had the final drafts sent to SGE. The drafts then went through a final review with the journal's editor before publication.
"The most competitive part is that the school has to be able to have students who will produce the research," Miller said.
While having collaborative research projects helps the university gain national recognition, it also benefits the students, he said.
"In order to convey information students need to be able to write well," he said. "It is critical in any work environment, be it academia or industry. So by publishing a paper like this, they can demonstrate good writing abilities.
"Just as important, it shows that the student can follow through and complete a detailed research investigation."
Mae Willkom's research project, "Groundwater Modeling of Proposed Crandon Mine Site, Forest County, Wisconsin," was included in The Compass publication.
Her project has won several awards, including "best paper" at a regional conference and first place in Natural/Physical Sciences at UW-Eau Claire's Student Research Day.
She hopes to use her experiences with the project to help secure a job in the Eau Claire area at a consulting firm following her December graduation.
"Any time you can have something published, it highlights your resume," Willkom said.
While praising the work of the university's geology department in general and specifically in collaborative research, Miller said this project is indicative of UW-Eau Claire as a whole.
"My experience (at UW-Eau Claire) was a really positive one," he said. "I got to interact with a great group of faculty and students, and I really appreciate how the administration supports student/faculty research."


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Updated: August 3, 1998