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MAILED: July 22, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — Perl and Java Scripting, Hypertext Markup Language, the Common Gateway Interface and designing workable Web material.
And you're not a computer science major.
Beginning this fall, the department of computer science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will offer a minor in Web development and design.
"The Web can be a useful tool if it is used to convey messages," Professor Leonard Larsen said. "The hope is that out of the minor, people will have a sense of what is good to use and take the tools to make something valuable."
Aimed at students who are not computer science majors, the minor associates various aspects of Web programming, Larsen said. It consists of four computer science core classes and any combination of 12 credits from an approved list of electives from four separate disciplines.
"Things are looking pretty good," Larsen said. "The number of students enrolled in the first two courses implies that maybe it may take off."
The first core class, "Fundamentals of Web Programming," has two sections of 60 students. The second, "Fundamentals of Java Programming," has 23 students enrolled.
The idea for the minor grew from a reassessment of the department's vision in computer science.
"We were trying to think of ways in which we could serve the larger university," Larsen said. "We're in the midst of trying to pursue that service role. Computer science is in a state of flux and we are still in the evolutionary process.
"The Internet as we are seeing it right now started about five or 10 years ago with Gopher and other search engines. The Web we are looking at today is recent and we've played around with some courses, but we were looking for something that might fill the gaps. We thought this minor was important enough to start as soon as possible."
The minor goes across disciplines because of the variety of topics on the Web, including business ads and individual home pages.
"The people who are desiring to put things out there are from every discipline," Larsen said. "How important is it to get someone with this sort of background to help you."


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Updated: July 22, 1998