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MAILED: July 20, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — They're chemists, Peace Corps volunteers, social workers and financial analysts. They're graphic designers, piano teachers, police officers, TV news producers and graduate students.
Graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's class of 1996-97 wear a variety of hats at a number of organizations throughout the United States and beyond, the most recent Career Services Employment Survey indicates.
"We are proud of our students' success finding employment," said Jeanne Sinz, Career Services director. "UW-Eau Claire has a reputation for helping students acquire skills and experience needed in the real world. The survey numbers reflect the skills they've acquired as a result of their education and the satisfaction employers have had with our graduates."
Education graduates teach in more than 100 school districts and nursing graduates work in more than 50 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and schools, the survey shows. Alumni from the class of 1996-97 also are continuing their education at more than 50 different graduate schools — studying everywhere from Harvard University to John Marshall Law School to Wesley Theological Seminary.
Ninety-nine percent of the Career Services' survey respondents reported that they were employed or continuing their education. The survey is based on an 83 percent response rate — or 1,297 responses from the 1,554 graduates of 1996-97.
Eighty-eight percent of the respondents indicated that they were employed full-time and 11 percent reported that they were continuing their education. Just 1 percent of the respondents said they were seeking employment.
In the College of Arts and Sciences, 97 percent of their graduates reported they were employed or continuing their education. One hundred percent of the College of Business graduates said they were employed or continuing their education, and 99 percent of the respondents from the College of Professional Studies were employed or continuing their education.
"This year's results show that UW-Eau Claire graduates are off to a good start," said Mary Lou Taylor, a Career Services counselor. "They have some very impressive first-year-out titles. Some have coordinator or director titles. By and large, they have good jobs."
Of the 379 College of Business graduates, 343 reported being employed full time, seven stated they were employed part time, six were continuing their education and information was not available for 23 graduates.
Of the 644 College of Arts and Sciences graduates, 318 had full time jobs, 57 were working part time, 93 were continuing their education, 15 were seeking employment, and information wasn't available for 161 of the graduates.
Of the 301 1996-97 graduates of the School of Education in the College of Professional Studies, 149 were teaching full time, 4 were teaching part time, 36 were substitute teachers or teachers aides, 42 were employed in fields other than education, 30 were continuing their education, one was seeking employment and no information was available for 39 graduates.
Of the 115 School of Human Sciences and Services graduates, 80 are employed full time, 11 are employed part time, nine are continuing their education, one is seeking employment and information was not available for 14.
Of the 118 School of Nursing graduates, 83 were employed full time, 10 were employed part time, two were continuing their education, and information wasn't available for 23.
"The numbers are partly a reflection of the economy," Taylor said. "Unemployment is down and employment is up. We had more recruiters coming on campus looking for our students as a result.
"But the numbers also are an indication that we are preparing the students as we hoped we would."


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Updated: July 20, 1998