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MAILED: July 10, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — Offering special opportunities to exceptional students who have risen above the rest or who go the extra mile, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will welcome several academically distinguished students to campus this fall.
Six incoming freshmen at UW-Eau Claire will receive National Merit Scholarships, said Joey Gibbon, assistant director of Admissions. Special efforts are made to recruit students of that caliber, she said.
"What I really like about the students is they're really well-rounded," Gibbon said. "All have glowing reviews of their character — they're good people."
She said these students, like others, come to UW-Eau Claire because it provides the opportunities for which they are searching.
"Academically, they're going to seek challenges ... and UW-Eau Claire provides that," she said.
National Merit Scholarship recipients coming to UW-Eau Claire in the fall are: Stephanie Johnson, Waterloo, undeclared; Heidi Miller, Richland Center, music; Jeremy Papke, Richland Center, music; and three Eau Claire natives — Tabitha Sullivan, management information systems; Rachel Thom, undeclared; and Kara Ziehl, English.
Director of Admissions Roger Groenewold said the university's Honors program, with special labs and sections for its participants, is one characteristic that potential students find attractive.
Admission into the program is prestigious in and of itself. Initially, to be selected for admission into the University Honors Program, high school seniors must be in the top 5 percent of their graduating classes and have a 28 ACT score, said Honors Program Director Ronald Mickel.
But because there are students who don't meet both requirements but who would do well in the program, faculty can recommend that students be allowed into the program, Mickel said.
Students in the Honors program take 24 credits of colloquia and electives that can be used for general education credits and in the students' major/minor concentrations. The classes have limited enrollments of 20 students.
The program is "a way of doing something special for high achieving students," Mickel said. "(Honors program students) can be in a class of 20, meet other students and get individual attention."
Typically there are about 310-330 students in the Honors program, he said, or about 3 percent of total university enrollment.
Last year, 96 freshmen enrolled in the program. He expects about the same number for the upcoming year.


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