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MAILED: July 2, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — Technology has put the world at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's fingertips once again. This time, however, the world is defined as nearly every college and university in the United States.
A $3,000 joint venture by UW-Eau Claire's McIntyre Library, Registrar and Admissions offices has brought to campus the College Source Online Catalog, a reference guide to 7,100 undergraduate and graduate catalogs from U.S. institutions.
While attending an American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admission Officers convention, assistant director of Admissions Joey Gibbon learned of the program, which was founded by the Career Guidance Foundation.
The program, accessible at on the World Wide Web, allows students, staff and faculty to look up any U.S. institution and find admission requirements, courses, credits, affiliation and enrollment among other criteria, said Registrar Sue Shelton.
To sort through the information, college source has an index that is always visible on the page and allows keyword searches as well.
Until this time, catalog information only was available in hard copy or on microfiche, an option that is growing increasingly obsolete, Gibbon said.
Gibbon said the new program has helped a great deal in the Admissions office and speeds up the evaluation of transfer credits.
"The greatest thing is the ease of access," Shelton said. "It is more than microfiche ever included."
Gibbon sees potential use of the program by everyone from participants in the National Student Exchange program to professors looking to find ways to innovate courses or establish distance education programs with other colleges and universities in the United States.
But faculty and staff are not the only beneficiaries of the program.
"It's really all about students," Gibbon said. "It's wonderful for students looking at graduate school."
Since neither the Registrar nor the Admissions office generates a large amount of money, other sources of funding must be found, Shelton said. Both offices plan to approach Student Senate and the Information Technology Commission to see about money from differential tuition or technology fees.
"The hope is that students and everyone across campus will see it as such a great service that we would find funding from other sources," Shelton said.


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Updated: July 7, 1998