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MAILED: June 23, 1998

EAU CLAIRE — There is a mission at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to provide and maintain a standard of excellence in education.
With the inception of a Blugold Fellowship for qualifying freshmen, that mission is targeted and well in sight.
The Blugold Fellowship offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to research with or serve as assistants to faculty.
For their work, students are awarded $500 scholarships and a $1,200 stipend.
"It's a very unique concept," Kathy Sahlhoff, director of Financial Aid, said. "It's very Eau Claire."
The Admissions office made the final selection of the 20 freshmen. Students must have at least a 25 on their ACTs and be in the top 25 percent of their high school graduating classes.
Department and faculty chairs made the placements.
The goal of the program is to have 90 participants, one-half freshmen and one-half sophomores, continuing on the Fellowship.
"It is a direct one-on-one relationship with faculty in the freshman year," Sahlhoff said. "That is beyond what is offered at any many other schools at the freshman level."
The experience also is reflected in the student's portfolio, which can make a difference when applying for future employment or to graduate schools.
The focus on undergraduate research at the university level is something that Sahlhoff said is fairly specialized in Eau Claire as well.
"This is an excellent first step for accessing undergraduate research projects in later years," she said.
Faculty also benefit from the program.
"This creates 20 new assistant positions that weren't there before," Sahlhoff said.
But the more significant benefit, she believes, is the type of students this program will attract.
"This program is only going to support and increase the caliber of students at this university," she said.


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Updated: June 29, 1998