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MAILED: March 20, 1998

EAU CLAIRE -- Incoming freshmen who are interested in participating in student/faculty collaborative research at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will have a chance to earn scholarship money and a stipend for their freshman and sophomore years.
The Blugold Fellowship will provide an opportunity for students and faculty to work together on research projects and receive hands-on experience, said Kathy Sahlhoff, director of Financial Aid.
The fall semester of 1998 will be the first semester UW-Eau Claire will offer the Blugold Fellowship. It will include a $500 scholarship and stipend of $1,200 to 20 freshmen who will work about five hours a week on a research project. They will continue to receive the same amount their sophomore year by either doing the same research or another project, Sahlhoff said.
Students will receive valuable experience that will help them when looking for a job after graduation, she said.
"Having this experience as freshmen will make it easier for students to take the next step
in doing undergraduate research," she said.
Qualified freshmen have been notified through a letter from the Admissions Office about the Blugold Fellowship. Eligibility for students included earning an ACT score of 25 and placing in the top 25 percent of their high school graduating class or having a 3.5 GPA.
The Admissions Office has received more than 40 applications, said Thomas Miller, interim provost/vice chancellor. Students were asked to give an indication of their interests and projects they worked on in high school, Miller said.
Projects can be researched within any department and can be initiated by either the student or a faculty member, said Barbara Lozar, a psychology professor who helped create the program. Many students have a tendency to change majors during the first couple years so the project doesn't have to go with their major, Lozar said.
"We want the project to be useful no matter what major they are going into," she said.
Associate deans are informing faculty members about the Blugold Fellowship and are encouraging interested faculty to apply as mentors for the program, Miller said.
There are plans to expand the Blugold Fellowship if it is successful, Sahlhoff said, noting that the plan is to eventually have 90 students involved with the Blugold Fellowship.
"The Blugold Fellowship offers uniqueness and multiple benefits vs. a straight scholarship," she said.


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Updated: March 20, 1998