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UW-Eau Claire Foundation Has Another
Record-Shattering Year
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MAILED: Oct. 31, 1997

EAU CLAIRE -- The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation reported another record year in contributions, donors and earnings for fiscal 1997 at its 39th annual meeting Oct. 29.
Foundation Chairman Joseph Mirr said alumni and friends shattered all records for charitable contributions in support of the university during the past year, with cash contributions to the Foundation totaling over $2.7 million, a 75 percent increase over last year. Such a large increase was due in part to a $1 million individual gift received last year, Mirr said, but contributions were still up a healthy 10 percent when the single gift was factored out. The Foundation's total assets increased to a market value of $12.3 million, compared to $8.9 million last year.
"Most importantly, during the year the Foundation turned over $1.1 million to the university to bolster its academic programs and provide scholarship assistance to students," Mirr said.
UW-Eau Claire has long been known for the breadth of its support, ranking as one of the leading public universities in the proportion of alumni contributing annually, according to Foundation President David Utley. About 35 percent of UW-Eau Claire's solicited alumni contributed to the Foundation this year, bringing the total number of donors to 13,412, up from 12,854 last year. Nearly 80 percent, or 10,404, were alumni.
Utley said $498,609 of the Foundation's support to UW-Eau Claire was for student scholarships and grants. Services to departments accounted for $601,813 with the remainder of the Foundation's expenditures in support of programs and operations.
"It's clear that our alumni and friends realize how important it is to take the next step in quality at UW-Eau Claire," Utley said, noting that the Foundation not only provides opportunities for students to attend the university, but also helps change the academic climate they find once they get here. "Given the realities of the state budget, private donations are more and more necessary if we are to increase student research opportunities, expand honors courses and provide laboratories equipped with the latest instrumentation."
The annual meeting was Chancellor Larry Schnack's last before he retires in December, and the Foundation directors presented him with a memento and commendation for his outstanding leadership as chancellor during the past 13 years.
At the annual meeting, Utley announced he would resign his position effective Dec. 31 in order to accept an assignment in Central Europe. He will return to Slovakia at the request of the Foundation for a Civil Society, where he had worked prior to joining UW-Eau Claire, to assist in the development of non-governmental organizations there.
"The opportunity to work with others to build a civil society in one of the world's newest countries is a challenge I feel obliged to accept. Indeed, it is the only opportunity I can think of that would lead me to leave this very fine university, which I have come to admire greatly," Utley said.
In other business the following Foundation officers were approved: Joseph Mirr, chair; Patrick Quinn, vice chair; Larry Weber, secretary; John Torgerson, treasurer; and Janice Morse and Kay Magadance, assistant treasurers.
Beginning a second three-year term are Robert Downs, Kerry Schrampfer Kincaid, Michael Markin, Patrick Quinn, John Torgerson, and Larry Weber. Retiring outgoing board members are William Hannaford and Richard Slabey.


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Updated: Oct. 31, 1997