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MAILED: July 31, 1997

EAU CLAIRE -- Renovation of a lecture hall in Phillips Science Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire began earlier this summer but isn't expected to be ready by the beginning of the fall semester.

Room 007 in Phillips Hall hasn't been renovated since the building was constructed in 1963. The $250,000 project began in mid-June. But because of delayed release of funds, the project began late and is off schedule, said John Glenz, director of facilities planning. The room will be ready sometime between Sept. 19 and Oct. 3 for classes, Glenz said.

"It's the heaviest used room on campus and is a very important classroom," Glenz said.

The room is undergoing major changes, he said. Room 007 used to contain 248 seats with small fold-up writing boards.

Contractors are installing 160 new seats with tables for easier writing, he said. There also will be more space between the rows.

Noise control was a big concern for a room of that size and it will have carpeted floors as well as acoustical fabric on portions of the walls, Glenz said.

Since the project won't be finished until after the fall semester begins, classes have been moved, he said. But as soon as the construction is finished, classes originally assigned to room 007 will resume there.

In addition to the remodeling, the room will have several new instructional technological advances, Glenz said.

This will be the first classroom on campus with two video data projectors, said Bert Spangler of the Media Development Center.

"This will allow simultaneous viewing of two different, but related images," Spangler said, noting that this will increase the possibilities in teaching.

Also by having two video data projectors, one can serve as a backup for the other in the event of a projector failure, he said.

In addition, room 007 will have Macintosh and Windows computers which will be permanently installed, he said. The computers will be connected to the new ATM high-speed network.

Those teaching in the renovated room will be able to control lighting and projectors from a touch control panel, Spangler said. This will allow professors to think more about their subject and less about controlling the lights or projectors, he said.

This also will be the first classroom on campus to have equipment to assist the hearing impaired, he said.

A document camera also will be installed for demonstrations, he said.

When looking at rebuilding room 007, which began in the planning stages about a year ago, faculty were consulted on their teaching needs, Spangler said.

"Technology was chosen by those who use it," he said.

Much of the equipment for the technology will be located in an adjacent room.


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Updated: July 31, 1997