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Grant Program Brings African
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MAILED: July 29, 1997

EAU CLAIRE -- After a year and a half of searching for a grant program to assist African students attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, foreign student adviser Hilda Moleski located the African American Institute.

The African Training for Leadership and Advance Skills project is a grant program that enables African students to attend universities in the United States such as UW-Eau Claire, Moleski said.

The AAI, in conjunction with The Agency for International Development, administers the ATLAS program.

"It's a very exciting new grant program for UW-Eau Claire," Moleski said. "It's the only one that focuses on Africa that I have found."

UW-Eau Claire will have three ATLAS students attending the university in the fall, she said. Two students, both majoring in public health, are from the small African island of Comoros. The third student is a economics major from Guinea Bissau.

The cost for an international student to study at UW-Eau Claire is about $15,000 a year. The African American Institute grant sponsors about $10,000 to $12,000 for the students to attend UW-Eau Claire, Moleski said. The university will provide a partial tuition waiver.

UW-Eau Claire doesn't have many students from Africa, Moleski said, noting that on average there might be only three independent African students at the university.

"We want to have a diverse representation within the international student population," she said.

Europe and Asia are well represented at UW-Eau Claire but Africa representation was lacking, Moleski said, adding that these students are high quality students.

"The African students represent a part of the world we could learn a lot about," she said.

Moleski said she hopes in the future other university programs will be interested in having African students as well.


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