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MAILED: April 17, 1997

EAU CLAIRE - The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's newly designed home page was launched in March following a renovation to create a more attractive and user-friendly site.

The new structure replaces the university's original home page, which was one of the first UW System pages when it went online two years ago. The former site was starting to look out-dated, primarily because of its text centered format.

In contrast, the new site features strong blue and gold graphics and color photographs and is more representative of information technology's newest arena, which assistant chancellor David Hart describes as "image-centric."

"The new site is symbolic of what's happening in information technology these days," says Hart, who heads information and technology management. "Until now word processing and e-mail, both text centered applications, have enhanced our communication. Now we're moving into a whole new arena, what I like to call the image-centric environment. The new home page is very graphic; the old one is almost all text with little color and emotion."

The renovation involves only the top levels of the site with other links remaining essentially the same. The new banner, which will change twice annually to reflect seasonal changes, emphasizes several key messages about UW-Eau Claire - the beauty of the campus, excellence in teaching, and faculty-student collaborative research. Even the images within the banner are part of an image map. Click on the individual images within to learn more about the person or the item featured.

For example, the foreground figure is Dr. Cecelia Zorn, nursing, who was this year's Excellence in Teaching recipient. Each year the banner will feature the recipient of this prestigious teaching award, including a brief biography about the individual.

The new categories - Campus at a Glance, Admissions and Registration, Academics, Student Life, News and Events, Learning and Technology Resources, Alumni Services and Administration - were developed to help users easily find information while balancing the need for a short, simplified home page.

Each category is marked by a campus photo relating to the topic and a list of what's available within the category. The main page also contains four sub-topic buttons, including Welcome, Search This Site, People and Internet Search. These four topics are peripherally related to the site, designed to help the user feel welcome, contact other people on campus or find information, either locally and throughout the Internet.

The Welcome button takes you to a photo and message from Chancellor Schnack as well as a revolving set of campus photos. The local search engine enables users to search the site by name or topic for ease of navigation.

The renovation was a collaboration of staff members from Computing/Networking Services, Media Development Center, News Bureau, Publications, Admissions and Library with input from the Chancellor's Executive Staff and faculty and staff members of the Web Task Force. The lead designer was Gene Leisz, an artist in the Media Development Center. Web coordinator Lillian Hillis coordinated the project.

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Updated: April 17, 1997