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Professor Available to Discuss History of Mt. St. Helens

 MAILED:  Oct. 6, 2004

UW-Eau Claire geology professor Kent Syverson worked for the United States Geological Society during the summer of 1986 at Mt. St. Helens. He was more of a field assistant than a researcher, working with the seismic (earthquake) crew on the lava dome in the crater to install a new seismograph. His seismograph was destroyed by the last lava eruption at the site in October 1986.

Next week Dr. Syverson will give a lecture on Mt. St. Helens in his oceanography classes. During the lecture, he will talk about eruptions at the site and he will give a "tour" via slides of the crater and lava dome, and discuss the sights and sounds of the area.

You are welcome to contact Dr. Syverson to arrange to either sit in on his lecture or to interview him about Mt. St. Helens. You can contact him at (715) 836-3676, (715) 836-3732 or

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