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UW-Eau Claire Research Featured
In National Journal

 MAILED:  Oct. 6, 2004

EAU CLAIRE — Research about credit card use among University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire undergraduate students is the cover story in an issue of a national financial aid journal.

The article, "Variables Influencing Credit Card Balances of Students at a Midwestern University," is in the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators' Journal of Student Financial Aid.

The article discusses researchers' findings that UW-Eau Claire undergraduates are carrying credit cards in record numbers. The cards can offer a way to establish a positive credit history, but some students accumulate debt and set themselves up for financial failure.

Researchers included Judy Blackstone, Counseling Services; Kathleen Sahlhoff and Susan Ausman, Financial Aid; Blaine Peden, psychology; Abraham Nahm, management and marketing; Lucretia Mattson, accounting and finance; and student Matt Flaten.

The research found that 68 percent of the students have one card and nearly 36 percent have two or more cards. Seniors are more likely to have cards, with 88 percent reporting one card compared to nearly 43 percent of the freshmen. Fifty-three percent of the seniors reported two or more cards, compared to 11 percent of the freshmen.

Fourteen percent of freshmen with cards carry a balance; 4 percent carry a balance over $1,000. About 37 percent of seniors carry a balance, with 18.5 percent carrying over $1,000.

A full news release about the research findings can be found online.



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Updated: October 6, 2004