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TIP SHEET   Week of May 24, 2004
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

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UW-Eau Claire's Concert Choir, made up of more than 60 students, will perform for 300 World War II veterans in Caen, France, the center of some of the fiercest fighting in the liberation of 1944 and home to Le Mémorial de Caen, an award-winning peace memorial and World War II museum. The concert will begin at 6 p.m. June 5 as part of activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-Day. Four Concert Choir members will represent the United States in an international ensemble of musicians from all World War II allied countries in a special performance at Omaha Beach. The international group will perform Gabriel Fauré's "Requiem" at 10 p.m. June 5 on Omaha Beach. Dignitaries from allied countries - including the U.S. - and World War II veterans are among those expected to attend the performance, which will be broadcast live on French television stations. Concert Choir members will leave Eau Claire May 26 and return June 9. Contact Gary Schwartzhoff, director of choral activities, for details. You can reach him at: (office) (715) 836-4056; (home) (715) 833-8061; or

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In the fall, UW-Eau Claire will offer a new graduate certificate program aimed at increasing the number of people becoming licensed and proficient as health and aging services administrators. The graduate certificate program in health and aging services administration will help people with previous education and work experience advance their skills and become licensed administrators. The demand is growing for well-educated administrators because the population is aging, seniors have more alternative living options, chronic care conditions increasingly influence the health system, and the health care industry more quickly moves patients from hospitals to rehabilitation-type facilities. For details, contact Meredith Wolf at (715) 836-3543 or

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On Saturday Jonathan Watson became the first graduate of UW-Eau Claire's physics and engineering dual degree program. Through the program, students earn a physics degree from UW-Eau Claire and an engineering degree from either UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota in about five years. Typically students spend three years at UW-Eau Claire and two years at the engineering school. Students are guaranteed admittance into the engineering schools if they meet the standards of the agreements between the schools. Fifteen students are currently enrolled in the program. Program coordinator Kim Pierson said he gets at least one inquiry a week from interested students or prospective students. For more information about the dual degree program, contact Kim Pierson at (715) 836-5009 or

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