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TIP SHEET   Week of Jan. 26, 2004
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, professor of nursing systems, is available to discuss how people can assess the quality of nursing home care. Zwygart-Stauffacher is co-author of “The New Nursing Homes: A 20-Minute Way to Find Great Long Term Care.” The award-winning book is the result of her work to help develop an easily used list of questions and ratings to measure the quality of care in nursing homes. The instrument helps users assess things such as the home’s environment, its noise level, the presence of odors and how well the staff responds to residents’ needs. Zwygart-Stauffacher has worked in gerontological nursing for more than 25 years and has been part of a research team for more than a decade that’s committed to improving the quality of care for older adults. You can reach Zwygart-Stauffacher at (715) 836-4904 or

Story Idea
More than $200,000 in federal work study dollars were paid to UW-Eau Claire students doing community-service related jobs during the 2002-03 academic year, an increase of more than $115,000 from the previous year. The dollars total nearly 23 percent of the university’s federal work study payments for the year. The federal work study program gives students with financial need opportunities for part-time, temporary employment, while encouraging them to gain career-related experience and to help the community. All universities receiving federal work study must allocate at least 7 percent of funding to community service jobs. UW-Eau Claire committed three times the required minimum to community service, allowing students to earn money while helping the region. Don Mowry, director of the Center for Service-Learning, can discuss the university’s efforts to serve the community. You can reach him at (715) 836-4649 or

Campus Experts
Chuck Tomkovick and Rama Yelkur, management and marketing faculty members, have studied Super Bowl ads dating back to 1989, looking at things such as ad likeablity. They also researched whether the $2 million-plus per 30-second ad rates are worth the money. Their latest research will be published in the Journal of Advertising Research this year. Contact Tomkovick at (715) 836-2529 or and Yelkur at (715) 836-4674 or

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