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TIP SHEET   Week of Dec. 8, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
geography faculty member and 11 students were part of a research team that discovered the location of the mouth of the Clatsop River on the West Coast. They hope their discovery will lead researchers to a lost Indian encampment described by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their 1805 journal entries. Based on the explorers’ journal entries, researchers believe the encampment sat at the edge of the Clatsop River as it entered the Pacific Ocean. Researchers believe the village is now buried beneath sand dunes. The students spent a week with associate professor Harry Jol searching for the Clatsop Indian village this fall. The years 2003-06 have been designated by the President as the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, recognizing the importance of Lewis and Clark’s three-year expedition in the early 1800s. Jol is available to talk about their discovery and future plans to try to locate the village. You can reach Jol at (715) 836-3472 or

Story Idea
UW-Eau Claire has several events planned for Human Rights Week (Dec. 7-13), including a presentation by an expert on the civil war in Colombia. Cecilia Zarate-Laun will speak at 7 p.m. Dec. 10 (International Human Rights Day) in Schofield Auditorium. Her presentation will focus on the civil war in Colombia, the United States’ role in that war, human rights abuses, government-aligned paramilitary groups, leftist guerrillas and the role of natural resources in the war. Zarate-Laun, born in Colombia, earned a master’s degree from UW-Steven’s Point. She co-founded the Colombia Support Network to address U.S. foreign policy toward the war in Colombia and to help foster a national solidarity movement in the U.S. with the Colombian people. She has been active with CSN since its inception and has been the program director since 1997. Zarate-Laun will be available at 6 p.m. in Schofield Auditorium to talk with the media prior to her formal presentation.

Photo Idea
The university’s Annual Foyer Concert will begin at noon Friday, Dec. 12, in the lobby of the Haas Fine Arts Center. UW-Eau Claire music ensembles will perform traditional carols of the season during the popular concert.

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