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TIP SHEET   Week of Aug. 18, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
Scott Whitfield, a UW-Eau Claire assistant professor of physics and astronomy, recently received a $152,000 National Science Foundation grant to continue his research to better understand the interaction between light and matter. This kind of basic research is important to further understanding of the quantum mechanical nature of the atom. The research provides important information on atomic structure, which is used by astronomers, chemists and biologists. Because the light energies needed to do his research are too high for commercially available tabletop lasers, twice a year Whitfield and student researchers conduct experiments at the Synchrotron Radiation Center in Stoughton. They then analyze their data at UW-Eau Claire. Whitfield and his students recently returned from the Stoughton facility. To learn more about their research, contact Whitfield at (715) 836-2199 or

Story Idea
Chancellor Donald Mash was recently selected by the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention to serve on its Presidents Leadership Group, a group of higher education presidents and chancellors who have made student substance abuse prevention a priority on their campus. Members represent higher education institutions from throughout the country. (Donna Shalala, now of the University of Miami, also is a member.) Mash also chairs the UW System Committee on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse and is one of 13 chancellors and presidents on the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ Task Force on Student Life and Alcohol Abuse. As the UW-Eau Claire community prepares to begin another academic year, Mash is available to talk about the university’s many initiatives to help prevent substance abuse among its students. You can reach Chancellor Mash at (715) 836-2327 or

Campus Expert
Career Services Director Jeanne Skoug can discuss the increasing number of Chippewa Valley employers recruiting UW-Eau Claire students for internships and full-time jobs. The number of regional employers contacting Career Services about students and graduates is up 65 percent. The increase comes at a time when employers nationwide are reporting that they expect to cut hiring of new graduates by 42 percent. Skoug is available to discuss the university-community partnerships that may be helping to create new opportunities for UW-Eau Claire graduates in the Chippewa Valley. You can contact Skoug at (715) 836-5358 or

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Updated: August 18, 2003