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TIP SHEET   Week of Aug. 11, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

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UW-Eau Claire's School of Education recently received full approval for accreditation from the Wisconsin Department of the Public Instruction. The approval makes UW-Eau Claire one of only two teacher education programs in the state to receive full approval, though DPI has completed reviews of seven institutions. Gaining DPI approval has become more difficult because of new state legislation - known as PI 34 - that changes how teacher education programs are assessed and how teachers are licensed in Wisconsin. The new legislation, which goes into effect in fall 2004, extends from the national No Child Left Behind initiative. Katherine Rhoades, associate dean of the School of Education at UW-Eau Claire, is available to talk about PI 34 and how the School of Education is working to prepare future teachers given the new legislation. You can reach Rhoades at (715) 836-3671 or

Story Idea
The site for Harry Potter's flying lessons in the "Chamber of Secrets" film will soon be familiar to some UW-Eau Claire students. Beginning this fall, UW-Eau Claire students can study at Alnwick Castle, one of the most filmed locations in the north of England. Portions of the first two Harry Potter movies were filmed at the historic castle. UW-Eau Claire students will join students from St. Cloud State (Minn.) University for the semester-long study abroad program. The Alnwick program will expose students to new values, customs and outlooks and give them an understanding of life in Great Britain. St. Cloud State leases a portion of the castle for the program. Classes take place in the castle, and students and faculty live in dorm rooms, also in the castle. The Duke of Northumberland and his family reside within the castle as well. Located on the River Aln, the castle has been home to the Duke's family for nearly 700 years. For details about this or other international experiences available to UW-Eau Claire students, contact Karl Markgraf, director of the Center for International Education at UW-Eau Claire, at or (715) 836-4411.

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