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TIP SHEET   Week of August 4, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
Cynthia Gray-Mash’s film, “Termespheres: Total Worlds,” received the da Vinci Spirit Award at the 2003 da Vinci Film and Video Festival in July in Oregon. The three-day festival celebrates art, technology and science. An estimated 5,000 people attended the film festival, which allowed festival-goers to view independent films, meet filmmakers and attend special presentations. The da Vinci Spirit Award is given to a film that event organizers think in some way reflects the concept of the festival. Several UW-Eau Claire students and faculty members from various academic disciplines worked with Gray-Mash to create and produce the documentary. The research and production teams helped create a video on the art of Dick Termes, a world-renown artist who works with public school students to demonstrate how art articulates with other subjects. One of the goals of the project was to explore connections among art, science and mathematics. The research team was interested in what Termes’ concept and teaching approach bring to art education that may not be present in traditional K-12 curriculum. Gray-Mash is an associate professor of foundations of education. To learn more about the video project and the award, you can contact Gray-Mash at or (715) 855-8285.

Story Idea
Hmong language radio programming returns to the Chippewa Valley Monday, Aug. 4, with Xovtoojcua Xa-Suab Hmoob on a sub-carrier signal of 89.7 WUEC. The program will air from 4-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and will be hosted by volunteers Kao Xiong and Teresa Moua Her from the UW-Eau Claire studios of WUEC. The program will provide music, international and local news, community events, obituaries and funeral announcements. Xiong introduced Hmong language radio to the Chippewa Valley in 1989 on WUEC. The program later moved to WISM/WEIO radio until it was cancelled in 2002. Moua Her is a broadcast journalism student at UW-Eau Claire who volunteers at Wisconsin Public Radio. The Hmong Language Radio Project is a joint effort of the Eau Claire Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association, UW-Eau Claire and WPR. For more information, contact Joe Bee Xiong at (715) 832-8420 or Dean Kallenbach at (715) 839-2936.

Photo Idea
More than 1,400 people will gather on UW-Eau Claire’s upper campus during the next two weeks to participate in a national horseshoe competition. The event continues through Aug. 16 (there is no pitching on Sunday, Aug. 10). The competition will take place in the area behind McPhee.

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