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TIP SHEET   Week of July 28, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
Associate professor of geography Harry Jol and sophomore geography major Bryan Frenz recently returned from a successful archeological investigation in Israel. They were part of an international archaeological research team that initiated geophysical investigations at the historically significant site of Tel Yavne, Israel. By using nondestructive, non-invasive techniques they helped direct future locations for digging on this yet to be excavated site. The adviser for the Foundation Stone investigation is renowned archaeologist Avner Goren, who accompanied Bruce Feiler while Feiler wrote his New York Bestseller, "Walking the Bible." You can find additional information about the project at You can contact Harry Jol at, (office) (715) 836-3472 or (home) (715) 834-1250.

Story Idea
As businesses and governments use of technology increases, so to do the risks of cybercrime. Smaller organizations often do not have the money, staff or technological sophistication to effectively deal with these issues. Susan Haugen, professor of accounting and finance at UW-Eau Claire, has done extensive research on the risks and impact of cybercrime on small organizations, such as small businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities. Haugen incorporates her cybercrime research into several classes she teaches, helping future employees of the businesses and organizations better understand security issues. Haugen is available to talk with the media about her cybercrime research. You can contact Haugen at or (715) 836-2952.

Story Idea
The National Peace Foundation named Rusudan Kilaberia, a native of the Republic of Georgia who will graduate Saturday with a master's degree from UW-Eau Claire, the first Frances Humphrey Howard Fellow. The NPF is a nongovernmental organization that builds foundations for peace through activities such as developing citizen networks, advancing peace education and promoting democratic values through international exchanges. For more information, you can call Kilaberia at (715) 832-0527.

Photo Idea
More than 230 students will graduate from UW-Eau Claire Saturday, Aug. 2. Commencement will begin at 9:30 a.m. in Zorn Arena on lower campus. Students begin lining up for the ceremony by about 9 a.m. A reception for graduates and their families will follow the ceremony on the Central Campus Mall.

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