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TIP SHEET   Week of July 7, 2003
Current topics of interest in higher education in western Wisconsin

Story Idea
Cultural geographer Timothy Bawden played a significant role in the making of a documentary film titled "The Summer of a Lifetime." The film, being shown on Wisconsin Public Television, traces the history of public and private summer camps in Wisconsin from the 1880s to the present. Bawden, an assistant professor of geography, did extensive research on summer camps as part of his doctoral dissertation. Bawden, who appears in the film as a commentator, helps tell the story of the evolution of Wisconsin's camps. The one-hour documentary visits several Wisconsin camps, and includes old film footage and still photos. You can reach Bawden at (715) 836-5186 or

Story Idea
Three hundred incoming UW-Eau Claire freshmen are participating in leadership seminars this summer on campus, helping them jump-start their college careers. UW-Eau Claire's nationally known Center for Leadership is offering six, 2 1/2 day leadership seminars. Two of the sessions will run this week: one July 6-8 and the other July 9-11. The seminars include numerous group activities. This summer the Leadership Institute includes "Freshman Fundamentals," a series of programs that focus on many aspects of Eau Claire student life. For more information about this summer's programs, you can contact Doug Hallatt, founder and director for the Leadership Institute, at (715) 836-4364 or

Story Idea
Patricia Marroquin, a lecturer in the art department, is spending 10 weeks this summer as a Visiting Scholar at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. The new National Museum of the American Indian, which will officially open Sept. 21, 2004, will hold more than 80,000 items from Indian communities throughout the Western Hemisphere. Marroquin represents the Eastern Apache and Tarascan Indian Nations. She is involved with research and is helping plan one of the inaugural exhibitions for the museum. Marroquin will work on the project with Ho-Chunk artist Truman Lowe, a nationally recognized sculptor. You can reach Marroquin at (301) 238-6624, extension 6428, or

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