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UW-Eau Claire Students Satisfied
With Their College Experience

 MAILED:  June 3, 2003

EAU CLAIRE - More than 90 percent of students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire are very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience at the university, according to the 2002 ACT Student Opinion Survey completed this spring.

The 90.6 percent satisfaction rate is identical to the rating in 1999, the last time the survey was completed. UW-Eau Claire students' overall satisfaction with the university is well above the public and national averages, the survey indicates.

"Students report being satisfied with almost every aspect of university life," Chancellor Donald Mash said, noting that small classes, attentive faculty, an attractive campus, a first-rate library and quality recreation programs are just a few of the campus features students rated high in the survey. "Clearly our students appreciate being part of a vibrant living and learning community that offers exceptional experiences in and outside their classrooms."

In recent years, UW-Eau Claire has put in place a variety of programs to help students more quickly connect with other students, faculty, staff and the campus in general, Mash said. The emphasis on campus connections is benefiting students, he said. For example, the survey shows an increase in student satisfaction in areas such as availability of advisers, the value of information provided by advisers and out-of-class availability of instructors.

"Those connections help students succeed in all aspects of their college careers and helps them better take advantage of the many opportunities available to them on campus," Mash said. "It's not surprising that successful and engaged students report being very satisfied with their overall university experience."

The ACT Student Opinion Survey is completed every three years in an effort to track student opinions of the university environment, and student services and programs. UW-Eau Claire officials use the survey information to identify ways to enhance services and programs. This is the seventh time it has been conducted at UW-Eau Claire since 1984.

In spring 2002, 2,000 surveys were sent to a stratified random sample of enrolled, degree seeking undergraduate students. Twenty-four percent - or 487 - of the surveys were returned.

Other survey highlights included:

Students reported being the least satisfied with their ability to take classes at the times they want to take them and with parking on the campus.

For additional information about the Student Opinion Survey, call Kay Magadance at (715) 836-5368.

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Updated: June 3, 2003