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SARS/UW-Eau Claire programming

 MAILED:  April 16, 2003

SARS is having an impact on UW-Eau Claire's Center for International Education programming.

The CIE office has canceled a study abroad program in Thailand this summer. Six students were to have left May 23 for a five-week program. CIE staff and UW-Eau Claire faculty also canceled a recruiting/relationship building trip to Korea, and two colleagues from a university in Vietnam who were to have arrived on campus this month had to cancel their trip.

Staff from the CIE office also is concerned about the ability of foreign students planning to study at UW-Eau Claire in the fall to do so. The university has accepted students from Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. With a new law in place allowing the U.S. government to quarantine people upon arrival if they are suspected of harboring SARS, it's hard to predict how students from those so-called "hot-spot" countries will be treated upon arrival should they come.

Students coming from Asia - particularly Southeast Asia - to UW-Eau Claire this summer and fall as part of the English as a Second Language program also may not be able to travel as planned.

For more information about the impact of SARS on UW-Eau Claire programming, contact Karl Markgraf, director of the Center for International Education, at (715) 836-4411 or

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