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'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings

National Student Exchange meetings continue

Proposed changes in College of Business


A list of all currently available job openings and additional information about each position, including application procedures, may be found on the Academic Affairs employment opportunities Web site. Go to top of page

'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings
The Notice of Meetings (pink sheet) is available online. Click here to find the link to the current week's meetings. Meetings for the following week will be posted Wednesday afternoon. If you frequently refer to the Notice of Meetings, consider saving the Notice of Meetings link in your Web browser's Favorites. Go to top of page

National Student Exchange meetings continue
The Office of Student Development and Diversity will continue to hold informational meetings about the National Student Exchange program. NSE is a program for undergraduate exchange within the United States and Canada. UW-Eau Claire students can study at one of approximately 180 schools for one or two semesters, pay UW-Eau Claire tuition, and earn credits which count toward graduation requirements.

Qualified students will have completed at least 30 credits by the time of their exchange, are currently enrolled as full-time students at UW-Eau Claire, and have a grade point average of at least 2.5 as they begin second semester.

Please encourage students who are interested in exploring an exchange opportunity to attend one of the meetings listed below. The application process, requirements and timelines will be explained. Students who have participated in the NSE program also will be available to share their experiences and answer questions.

NSE informational meetings will be held during the following dates and times:

    Nov. 1: Alumni Room, Davies Center, 1-2 p.m.
    Nov. 19: Alumni Room, Davies Center, 2-3 p.m.

For more information, contact Mary K. Ryan-Miller at or Cindy Nevin at They also can be reached at 836-2003. Go to top of page

Proposed changes in College of Business
Following are proposed curricular changes in the College of Business. If you have questions or concerns, contact Dale A. Johnson at or 836-3150 within 15 days of this notice in the University Bulletin.

From: Page 179 of the 2004-05 Catalogue
To: Proposed 2005-06 Catalog description

Minor in Management Information Systems — Students who minor in MIS augment their major with organizational computing skills and knowledge that make them more proficient in their field, more attractive to potential employers, and more capable as citizens. The MIS minor is available to all students at UW-Eau Claire. Students choose one of two emphases in the minor: Business Information Systems or Business Telecommunications.

Requirements — The MIS minor requires 24 semester credits, 9 credits in the minor core and 15 credits in one of the two emphases listed below. The Minor Core consists of MIS 304, MIS 310, and BTEL 345.

Business Information Systems Emphasis (Code 831-401) — This emphasis requires ACCT 201 or 202, MIS 240, MIS 290, and 6 credits from the following courses or other as approved by the MIS Department chair: ACCT 315, BTEL 375, BTEL 410, BTEL 475, CS 163, CS 319, CS 320, CS 321, ECON 103 or 104, MIS 314, MIS 391, MIS 399, MIS 491, MIS 495, MIS 499, or PHIL 308. Students need not satisfy the College of Business admission requirements to enroll in MIS or BTEL courses they count toward this emphasis, consistent with the “Access to Business Courses for Non-Business Majors” policy in this catalogue. MIS majors are ineligible for this emphasis.

Business Telecommunications Emphasis (Code 831-402) — This emphasis requires BTEL 375, BTEL 410, BTEL 475, and six credits chosen from the following: CS 163, CS 319, CS 320, CS 321, MIS 290, MIS 314, MIS 391, MIS 399, MIS 411, MIS 491, MIS 495, MIS 499, PHYS 211, or PHYS 212. Students must satisfy the College of Business admission requirements prior to enrollment in 300/400 level courses in the College of Business that they count toward this emphasis except for MIS 304 and MIS 310. MIS majors are eligible for this emphasis. Go to top of page

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University Bulletin • Vol. 52, No. 10 • Tenth Week • Fall Semester • Nov. 1, 2004

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