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'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings

Classroom modernization planning to begin

Updated Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook online

Business Services announcements

Proposed changes in College of Arts and Sciences

Continuing Education offerings

Mall of America/IKEA excursion planned


Following are new employment opportunities at UW-Eau Claire. A list of all currently available job openings and additional information about each position, including application procedures, may be found on the Academic Affairs employment opportunities Web site.

    • Communication Disorders: Assistant or associate professor in speech-language pathology — 836-4186.
    Family Health Nursing: Associate or full professor for tenured appointment as chair 836-4889.
    Management Information Systems: Assistant or associate professor 836-3416.
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'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings
The Notice of Meetings (pink sheet) is available online. Click here to find the link to the current week's meetings. Meetings for the following week will be posted Wednesday afternoon. If you frequently refer to the Notice of Meetings, consider saving the Notice of Meetings link in your Web browser's Favorites. Go to top of page

Classroom modernization planning to begin
The Teaching and Learning Technology Development Center manages the classroom modernization budget for maintenance of classroom instructional technologies. The process involves a review of available technology, a review of technologies scheduled for replacement and the prioritization of requests from departments to meet instructional needs.

The TLTDC also works closely with Facilities Planning and Management for classroom renovation and instructional technology funds, a biennial allocation. CRIT funds are limited to comprehensive classroom renovations and cannot be used to only add technology to classrooms or to only replace seating.

John Lee, the TLTDC interim classroom services manager, and Steve Horner, director of Facilities Planning and Management, will meet with department chairs and deans in November. Requests for classroom consideration should be submitted through department chairs. For more information, contact Kathy Finder at or 836-2654. Go to top of page

Updated Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook online
The 21st edition of the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook is available online. Comments and suggestions may be sent to Jan Morse, Academic Affairs, at or by campus mail. Go to top of page

Business Services announcements
Vans for 12 or 15 passengers, including rentals
The safety of UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff is of utmost importance. Accordingly, the following policy regarding rental and/or use of 12 or 15-passenger vans has been in effect since July 1, 2002:

    A ban on all student drivers of 12 or 15-passenger vans with the exception of students over the age of 25 who meet all UW-System driving requirements and have completed required training for operating 12 or 15-passenger vans.
    A ban on all towing with 12 or 15-passenger vans, regardless of the driver.
    A ban on car top carriers on 12 or 15-passenger vans.
    Leasing of 12 or 15-passenger vans through state and university contracts is not allowed unless reviewed and approved by the institution’s risk management office. (Under no circumstances will students be allowed to lease or drive 12 or 15-passenger vans.)
    12 or 15-passenger vans can be used to transport cargo if the cargo and passengers are restricted in size, weight and number to the manufacturer’s suggested rated capacity of the vehicle.
    UW System faculty and staff will be allowed to continue driving 12 or 15-passenger vans as long as they are at least 25 years of age, meet UW-System driving requirements and have completed required training for operating 12 or 15-passenger vans.

Any exception to this policy must be documented in writing and approved by the chancellor of each UW-System institution, with the concurrence of the UW System Risk Management Office.

Travel regulation updates
Spouses and other family members are not allowed to travel in state owned vehicles. This includes vehicles rented through the Enterprise state contract. A spouse or family member may ride along on a business trip when a personal vehicle is used.

Travel card or credit card slips are no longer acceptable forms of receipts unless they are itemized (with transaction details) for any form of travel expenses including meals, lodging or miscellaneous expenses.

A 15 percent gratuity is the maximum amount allowed for meals. The maximum amount allowed for telephone calls per day is $5, whether you are traveling within the United States or abroad.

Additional travel guidelines are available online. Go to top of page

Proposed changes in College of Arts and Sciences
Following are proposed curricular changes in the College of Arts and Sciences. If you have questions or concerns, contact David Shih at or 836-3502 within 15 days of this notice in the University Bulletin.

Minor: Ancient Studies, Liberal Arts (Code 310-401)
From: Pages 57-58 of the 2004-05 Catalogue.
To: Include ArtH 111 Art History Survey I in the list of Category A courses.
Major: French, Liberal Arts (Code 260-201)
From: Page 101 of the 2004-05 Catalogue.
To: A minimum of 36 semester credits beyond Fren 102, or 28 credits beyond Fren 202, including 315, 335, 345, and three credits of literature. … the remainder is the same.
Minor: French, Liberal Arts (Code 260-401)
Page 101 of the 2004-05 Catalogue.
To: A minimum of 24 semester credits beyond Fren 102, or 16 credits beyond Fren 202, including 315, 335 and 345.
Comprehensive Major: Political Science, Liberal Arts Legal Studies Emphasis (Code 420-001)
From: Page 145 of the 2004-05 Catalogue.
To: 60 semester credits, including
§ Required Political Science credits: POLS 110, 122, 290, 338, 403, 404, 405, 480 — 24 credits.
§ Elective Political Science credits: 21 credits.
    One course in International Relations.
    Two courses in Comparative Government (one must be at 300-level or above).
    Two courses in Political Theory from the following: POLS 310, 311, 312.
    Two additional courses in Political Science from the four course groupings (200-level or above).
§ Elective credits from other disciplines selected from the following list: 15 credits.
    Accounting (ACCT) — 201, 202.
    Anthropology (ANTH) — 422.
    Communication/Journalism (CJ) — 202, 414.
    Criminal Justice (CRMJ) — 319, 342.
    Economics (ECON) — 103, 104, 303, 304, 311, 316, 321.
    English (ENGL) — 201.
    History (HIST) — 201, 202.
    Philosophy (PHIL) — 120, 150, 310.
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Continuing Education offerings
Connecting campus and community — Continuing Education serves a wide variety of nontraditional students. Following is a link to a news release about upcoming programs offered by UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education.

    • Supervisory Management Courses Offered by UW-Eau Claire in November.

Additional information can be found on the Continuing Education Web site or by calling (715) 836-3636. Go to top of page

Mall of America/IKEA excursion planned
University Recreation is sponsoring a trip to the Mall of America and the IKEA store in Bloomington, Minn., Saturday, Nov. 6. A bus will leave Towers Hall at 8 a.m. and return to campus around 5 p.m. Cost is $15 per person and includes morning refreshments on the bus. The fee must be paid in advance at Hilltop Recreation Center. For more information, contact Lisa Schuetz at or 836-2176. Go to top of page

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University Bulletin • Vol. 52, No. 10 • Tenth Week • Fall Semester • Oct. 25, 2004

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