Vol. 51, No. 18Second Week • Spring Semester • Feb. 2, 2004

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Foundation receives RCU Services Corp. gift for Carson Park turf project

University-community partnerships to bridge non-profit digital divide

2004 election coverage to be discussed Feb. 5

University Police Chief Backstrom retires

There's a new dog on campus

Faculty receive extensive media coverage

Campus Campaign 2003-04

Registration for Summer Session begins Feb. 9



UW-Eau Claire Foundation receives RCU Services Corp. gift for Carson Park turf project
RCU Services Corp. has contributed $100,000 through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation to help pay for installation of artificial turf and a new scoreboard at the Carson Park football field. The gift brings to $500,000 the total amount committed to the $800,000 project.

Blugold football at Carson Park An effort to replace the current natural grass at Carson Park with artificial turf began last fall as a result of concerns about the condition and safety of the playing surface due to heavy use.

“We are thrilled to receive this gift from RCU Services Corp. as the effort continues to secure all of the funding for this project,” said Carole Halberg, Foundation president. “This generous contribution puts the total support committed over the halfway mark, and we’re on our way to making something great happen for the youth of our community.” Full story. Go to top of page

University-community partnerships to bridge non-profit digital divide

Donald Mowry
Service-Learning Director Donald Mowry works on project to improve non-profits' information systems.

A project to strengthen the technology capabilities of local non-profit agencies is under way at UW-Eau Claire.

The university will match in-kind a $10,000 Building Social and Economic Capital planning grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service through the Learn and Serve America Higher Education Grant program to fund the planning phase of the project.

The grant is coordinated by the Upper Midwest Campus Compact Consortium, which includes compacts in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

Project leader Donald Mowry, director of Service-Learning, is working with United Way Executive Director Kris Becker on the project, which will help local non-profits bridge the digital divide caused by inadequate organizational technology. Full story. Go to top of page

2004 election coverage to be discussed Feb. 5
Area reporters, editors, educators and political analysts will discuss 2004 election coverage at a Feb. 5 forum in Davies Center. They'll look at what voters should look for at all levels and give insight into plans for reporting on the elections. The campus and community at large are invited to attend and to suggest what they would like to read, hear and see reported. The forum is sponsored by the campus chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in cooperation with the Western Wisconsin Press Club. Full story. Go to top of page

University Police Chief Backstrom retires
University Police logoDavid Backstrom, the director of University Police at UW-Eau Claire retired at the end of January. His retirement follows a 36-year career in law enforcement, including more than 12 years at UW-Eau Claire.

He served as the director
of University Police since August 1991. Prior to coming to the university, Backstrom worked for the City of Eau Claire Police Department.

Under Backstrom’s leadership, UW-Eau Claire has achieved the reputation of being an extremely safe campus, said William Harms, associate vice chancellor of student services.

“David Backstrom and his officers have played an integral part in ensuring the safety of our students, faculty and staff,” Harms said. “He will be missed by all.”

Lt. David Sprick is serving as interim director of University Police.

Read story in The Spectator. Go to top of page

GarlynThere's a new dog on campus
A few weeks ago a new Seeing Eye dog joined Katherine Schneider in Counseling Services. Garlyn, which is French for "prize," is a 27-month-old female golden retriever-Lab mix.

Schneider, who has been blind for most of her life, went to New Jersey Jan. 3 to be matched with her dog and train together for three weeks.

Katherine Schneider walking with Garlyn"The training is very intense, like boot camp," Schneider said. "We would begin at 5:30 a.m. and collapse about 9:30 p.m. for 19 days straight."

Schneider and Garlyn are well on their way to a successful working partnership, but she says that friends and co-workers can help by observing a few simple rules:
    • When you see Schneider and Garlyn, greet them in a relaxed manner. Do not rush up to them.
    • Let Garlyn make the first advance to greet you. Don't stare at her — it's unnerving.
    • Never follow Schneider and Garlyn when they are working. Garlyn may recognize you and look back at you rather than paying attention to her work. This is a serious distraction and will prevent the team from working safely and effectively.
    • Schneider has been taught to correct Garlyn by using the leash. The leash correction does not hurt Garlyn; coupled with affection, it results in efficient guide work and good behavior.
    • Always ask before petting or speaking to Garlyn. Schneider, on the other hand, is always open to conversation.

Garlyn is Schneider's sixth Seeing Eye dog and has some big paws to fill — her predecessor, Carter, worked alongside Schneider for seven years before moving in with retired nursing professor Marge Bottoms.

Schneider says Carter is enjoying retirement. "It's going very well, which makes my heart happy." Also read Leader-Telegram story. Go to top of page

Faculty receive extensive media coverage
Chuck Tomkovick, professor of management and marketing, and Rama Yelkur, associate professor of management and marketing, received extensive attention from national and regional media this month for their Super Bowl advertising research, which focuses on what makes Super Bowl advertisements likeable and the success of movies promoted during the Super Bowl.

Among the media featuring Tomkovick and Yelkur’s research are: Fortune magazine; Forbes magazine; the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; the St. Paul Pioneer Press; The Washington Times; the News-Tribune from Puget Sound, Wash.; National Public Radio; Wisconsin Public Radio; The Spectator; the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram; WEAU-TV 13; WQOW-TV 18; WMYX, WBOG, WTMB radio of Tomah; WAXX and WAYY radio of Eau Claire and WWIB of Chippewa Falls. They’ve also talked with journalists from CNBC and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Tomkovick and Yelkur collaborated with students for several years on their Super Bowl research. The faculty-student collaborative research project has received support from UW-Eau Claire’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. The results of their research relating to the success of movie advertising during the Super Bowl will be published in the Journal of Advertising Research later this year.

Tomkovick and Yelkur worked closely with the News Bureau staff this year to identify reporters from regional and national media who cover advertising. The researchers and News Bureau then developed a strategy to contact dozens of reporters with information regarding the Super Bowl advertising research. Go to top of page

Campus Campaign 2003-04: Advancement funds grow with faculty, staff support
Campus Campaign logo
The number of UW-Eau Claire departments and programs with Foundation advancement funds has increased by nearly 50 percent since the start of Fulfilling the Promise of Excellence, the UW-Eau Claire Foundation’s ongoing comprehensive fund-raising campaign. Twenty-one department or program advancement funds have been started through the Foundation since the fund-raising campaign started in June 2000, bringing to 65 the total number of advancement funds supporting specific departments or programs. During February, faculty and staff wishing to participate in Campus Campaign 2003-04 can consider designating their contributions to start a department advancement fund or contribute to an already-existing one. Donald Nielsen, sociology department chair, said his department’s advancement fund allows “emeriti faculty, alumni and current faculty to contribute in a more focused way to the programs they wish to support, rather than to a more general fund whose uses may be less clearly defined.” Full story. Go to top of page

Registration for Summer Session begins Feb. 9
Summer Session girlRegistration for UW-Eau Claire’s Summer Session 2004 will begin Feb. 9. Community members are invited to explore the wealth of educational opportunities offered at UW-Eau Claire when open registration begins Feb. 24.

“We always try to offer something for everyone during summer session, and this year is no exception,” said Jan Morse, administrative officer for Academic Affairs. “There are more than 220 undergraduate and graduate courses to choose from this summer, including 25 Web-based courses we’re offering to help meet the needs of people who find it difficult to come to campus.” Full story and Summer Session Web site.
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