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Vol. 50, No. 24 • Sixth Week • Spring Semester • Feb. 24, 2003

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Campus Campaign

UW System names 2003-04 Wisconsin Teaching Scholars and Teaching Fellows

Student Support Services Grants presented

University Bulletin going paperless


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The status of the state budget likely will change often as the process moves forward. For the latest news and information, check out UW-Eau Claire's State Budget Update Web site. You also can find the Web site by clicking on the State Budget Update heading under Headline News on UW-Eau Claire's home page.

In their own words: Faculty and staff share reasons for contributing to Campus Campaign
This article concludes a series discussing the impact of Campus Campaign contributions and the different ways faculty and staff can support the campaign.

As February, the official month of Campus Campaign 2002-03, draws to a close, UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff who have not already done so are encouraged to consider making a gift to the campaign. All gifts through June 30, 2003, will be counted in the Campus Campaign 2002-03 totals as well as the totals for Fulfilling the Promise of Excellence, the university's ongoing comprehensive fund-raising campaign.

Below, several faculty and staff share their reasons for giving to the campaign:

Martin Wood, professor of English, English department chair
"Not so long ago I used to tell myself that my service to the university was contribution enough — after all, I had devoted a significant period of my life to earning my advanced degree, and afterward had worked very hard for a relatively modest salary; indirectly, I told myself, I was making a financial contribution every day I went to work. But after a while I came to see that reasoning as more convenient than logical. I chose this profession because I wanted to teach and learn all my life. Even more important, I wanted to live the life of an intellectual, a life rich in its own rewards and benefits if not in money. When it comes right down to it, I realized, I would want to do what I'm doing even if I could not make a living at it. Meanwhile, by neglecting the very real financial needs of the institutions in my own profession, I was possibly contributing to their gradual erosion. Surely there are too many forces already arrayed against the institutions of liberal education; I could no longer justify aligning myself with those forces.

"I designated my gift for three purposes: for two advancement funds for departments in Arts and Sciences, and for the Duyfhuizen Professorship, a fund established to support faculty research in my discipline. In all three cases, not only did a clear need exist, but these also seemed to me to be areas less likely to attract a large number of donations. The next time I increase my gift I intend to designate one of the scholarship funds — I haven't yet decided which one."

Kris Anderson, interim director of admissions
Kris Anderson"I give to Campus Campaign because as a professional employee of the institution, I feel it is important to ‘walk the walk.' I talk to students and parents every day about excellence and the benefits of being a graduate of UW-Eau Claire. It was important to me to supplement my words with actions.

"Specifically, I designate my contribution to go to university scholarships. Being able to support outstanding students in their work here is not just personally gratifying, but it's also crucial in the competitive marketplace we're in. It takes a (campus) to recruit, retain, and nurture a high-quality student body, and giving to the campaign is one of the ways in which I choose to support that mission."

Andre Gibault, custodian
Andre Gibault"I have been supporting our students for years on campus in so many different ways, ever since I saw a sign on Otis Franke's door in Schofield that said, ‘What have you done for students today?' It was a reminder to all who walked into his office.

"When the staff scholarship fund was established I began giving 1 percent of my salary to it. I wasn't able to help my kids with it, but perhaps I will be able to help out the sons and daughters of co-workers or alumni or students I know or will meet. It is a fund that keeps on giving. The students are our future, so we need to support them today. When I see the quality of students who pass through UW-Eau Claire, I have no doubt that the future is in good hands.

"I can still remember the day when the chancellor was inaugurated. He mentioned the next level of excellence, and I told him that I would do my best help raise it. I like to think that my giving in all the ways that I do has helped. My wife Joanne and I will keep supporting UW-Eau Claire in all the ways that we do."

January Boten, residence hall director, Putnam Hall
"As a graduate of UW-Eau Claire, I feel that it is my obligation to give back to the university that has given so much to me. I have not specifically designated my donation because I know that no matter where it is used, it will be put to good use."

Bobby Pitts, associate professor of art & design
"I make my donation in support of my department. First, I know that my department has meager resources, and it is my way of helping us afford little things such as a snack with a visiting artist or something that our chair considers necessary but cannot fund.

"I have also remembered that the destination of my donation may be changed. I have heard of others who pool their resources for scholarships, which can be fully funded within a few years.

"I receive enormous benefit from this university and in many ways as well. I am glad that I may help it achieve its goals." Go to Top

UW System names 2003-04 Wisconsin Teaching Scholars and Teaching Fellows
The UW System Office of Academic Affairs has named Robert Eierman, professor of chemistry at UW-Eau Claire, as a Wisconsin Teaching Scholar, and Ingrid Ulstad, a lecturer of accounting and finance, as a Wisconsin Teaching Fellow for 2003-04. Full story.

Robert Eierman Ingrid Ulstad

Student Support Services grants presented
The Student Support Services program at UW-Eau Claire recently presented grant aid awards totaling $42,763 to 44 freshmen and sophomores with extreme financial need. The grant funds were provided by the U.S. Department of Education in order to reduce the loan burden of program participants.

The Student Support Services program is sponsored by the federal government to promote the retention and graduation rates of eligible students. To participate in the program, a student must be from a household of limited income, have a documented disability or be from a family in which neither parent has a bachelor's degree. The student also must demonstrate an academic need for assistance.

Directed by Bruce Ouderkirk, the Student Support Services program at UW-Eau Claire serves 300 students annually. The program provides participants with such services as academic assessment, tutoring, supplemental advising, career development opportunities, cultural enrichment and informational programming. Go to Top

University Bulletin ... going paperless

Go Blugolds, Go Packers, Go Paperless!?

No it's not a new sports team in the Chippewa Valley, but a phrase that is being heard more and more around university campuses, particularly when referring to faculty/staff newsletters.

Going paperless with the University Bulletin is one way that UW-Eau Claire can cut costs and increase efficiencies of our printed materials, which, of course, is of vital importance as we address the current and impending budget reductions. With that in mind, the University Bulletin, which currently is produced in both print and online versions, will be published only in an electronic online format and distributed via e-mail beginning with the March 24 issue.

As you know, we have redesigned the online version of the University Bulletin to be more attractive and user friendly — and we appreciate your comments or suggestions as we continue to make improvement to the Web site and the distribution process.

Go Paper! — also can be heard from the stands, as we realize that some staff do not have frequent computer access. If this is the case, request that your department print out a copy to distribute or post.

We hope that you understand the reason for the change and still appreciate the news and information that is included in the University Bulletin. If you have any comments or questions, call the News Bureau at 836-4741. Go to Top

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