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'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings


Fiscal year end deadlines and procedures

Summer parking information


'Pink Sheet' Notice of Meetings
The Notice of Meetings (pink sheet) is available online. Click here to find the link to the current week's meetings. Meetings for the following week will be posted Wednesday afternoon. If you frequently refer to the Notice of Meetings, consider saving the Notice of Meetings link in your Web browser's Favorites. Go to top of page

A list of all currently available job openings and additional information about each position, including application procedures, may be found on the Academic Affairs employment opportunities Web site. Go to top of page

Fiscal year end deadlines and procedures
credit cardsAll unpaid invoices for fiscal year 2007 including low dollar orders and miscellaneous invoices, any reimbursement claims for travel expenses incurred during fiscal year 2007 and all Payment to Individual Request forms for payment of services rendered through June 30, 2007 must be received in Accounts Payable (Schofield 104) by 4:30 p.m. June 15 to be charged to fiscal year 2007 budgets.

Charges appearing on your procurement card (purchasing card) and procurement travel card (institutional liability card) statement dated June 29 will be the last charges posted to fiscal year 2007 budgets.   The charges on this billing will be posted to University budgets on July 5th for the purchasing card and on July 6th for the procurement travel card. You should stop using your procurement card and procurement travel card about June 20 or earlier to ensure that all credit card charges are posted to your June 29 statement. You will receive your individual cardholder statements about a week later as usual. For more information, contact Vickie Gardner in Accounts Payable at or 836-4528. Go to top of page

Summer parking information
UW-Eau Claire parking permitsThe following campus parking information is effective May 21 to Aug. 24:

Enforced parking:
Hibbard Lot: “F” and “GF” permits required as posted.
Phillips and Nursing Lots: “F”, “S” and “GF” permits required as posted.
"F" and "S" are not interchangeable.
Murray Lot: “F” permits required.
McPhee Lot: “F” and “S” permits required (as posted at entrance).
All meters will be enforced Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9.p.m.

Free parking:
Haas Fine Arts and Water Street Lots
Putnam, Bridgman, Chancellors, Oakridge, Governors and Towers “F” & “R”. Go to top of page

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Summer Bulletin • Vol. 7, No. 1 • First Week • Summer Session • June 11, 2007

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