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Directed by Richard Nimke
Kjer Theatre
October 20-22 & 26-29
at 7:30 p.m.
October 30 at 1:30 p.m.

"Everyman" Photo Gallery

This medieval morality play written by an anonymous author tells the story of Everyman's journey to death. At the opening of the play Death is ordered by God to tell Everyman that he is summoned to make a reckoning. Everyman attempts to bribe death and even pleads for mercy, unsuccessfully. Fearful, Everyman attempts to find someone to accompany him and he encounters Fellowship, Kindred, Goods and a host of worldly connections. In the end, he comes to understand that only his Good Deeds can accompany him to the grave. Although based in Christian religious beliefs of the Middle Ages, the journey of self transcends any one religion and time.

"Everyman" Cast
Messenger - James Boland
Everyman - Aaron Loy
Sins - Annie Casper, Tarin Moore, Meg Britain, Theresa Schneider, Patrick Brian, Ryan Milbrath, Ryan McDaniel
Death - Kaz Kuroki
Fellowship - Ryan McDaniel
Cousin - Shane Chandler
Kindred - Stephanie Unertl
Goods - Eddie Neve
Good-Deeds - Sara Jo Waterman
Knowledge - Hanna Agar
Confession - Britany Gusho
Strength - Henry Morgan
Discretion - Patick Brian
Five-Wits - Tera Kaminski
Beauty - Lara Goetsch