Mortar Board Selection Process

Membership is based on service, scholarship, and leadership and is open to students who are currently enrolled in their fifth full-time semester, whose cumulative grade average is within the top 35% of the class, and who have demonstrated leadership abilities in service to the University and/or community.

During Spring Semester, the students eligible for Mortar Board are notified and asked to fill out a nomination form along with their Spring Semester schedule. The current members of Mortar Board then go through the selection process.

Brief overview of the Mortar Board Selection Process

Once the chapter receives and organizes the nomination forms, a selection meeting is held. Selections cannot take place without an advisor present. Before the first round of voting, no discussion takes place. Each current Mortar Board member present at the selection meeting votes for a maximum of 50 members and a minimum of 15 during the first round of voting. Any candidate who has received votes from at least 80 percent of the voting members is selected into the chapter. The voting members are notified of the candidates who have been selected. The voting members may also be notified of candidates who just missed the 80 percent selection criteria.

After the first round of voting, nominations are taken from the floor to make sure that qualified candidates are selected. The floor is opened for discussion of the candidates. The discussion should be professional and objective.

On the next ballot, chapter members can vote for a maximum of 50 candidates less the number of candidates selected during the first round. Discussion is held after each round. Voting continues until one of two things happens:

  • Fifty members have been selected.
  • Three consecutive rounds have passed without a candidate being selected.

Voting members should do their best to select as many members as possible. Mortar Board is a selective, inclusive organization rather than an exclusive, elitist organization.

Every chapter can select up to three honorary members into Mortar Board. Honorary Members should be people on or associated with your campus that exemplify Mortar Board's ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service.