Welcome to Mortar Board!

Gold Caps became a campus organization in 1970, and was granted a national charter by Mortar Board in 1976. The purpose of the Gold Caps chapter of Mortar Board is to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship, and to promote college loyalty.

Mortar Board is a national network that includes over 200 chapters, 50 alumni chapters, and 25 sections. After graduation, members are encouraged to keep their names and addresses current with the National Office. Since 1918, over 200,000 college seniors have been initiated into the Mortar Board tradition of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Sprinf Semester is here!

Membership is based on service, scholarship, and leadership and is open to students who are currently enrolled in their fifth full-time semester, whose cumulative grade average is within the top 35% of the class, and who have demonstrated leadership abilities in service to the University and/or community.

Meetings are scheduled as members determine and election of officers takes place during the spring.