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The Department of Mathematics at UW-Eau Claire offers the best features of both a small liberal arts college and a large university. We do this by providing a core mathematics curriculum that is supplemented by a variety of electives for individuals with specific interests.

Outside the classroom, undergraduates frequently collaborate with faculty on research problems. This "valued-added" high impact practice supplements our rigorous classroom curriculum.

Fall 2014 Faculty/Student Research Projects


  • Portfolio Selection Problem with Regime Switching
    --with Dr. Harriet Yang

  • Understanding and Modeling Longevity Risk
    --with Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi

  • Analysis of the Chaotic Solution Behavior Exhibited by the Two Dynamic Riccati Equations on Time Scales
    --with Dr. Chris Ahrendt

  • Fitting an Alpha-Skew-Normal Distribution to Insurance Claims
    --with Dr. Mohammad Aziz

  • Distinguishing Closely-related Ancestral Populations via Linear Discriminant Analysis on Genetic Data
    --with Dr. Abra Brisbin

  • Minimal Complexity C-complexes for Colored Links
    --with Dr. Chris Davis

  • Algebra Associated to the Hasse Graphs of the n-Dimensional Semi-hypercube
    --with Dr. Colleen Duffy

  • Computation and Simulation Study of Least Absolute Deviation Ridge Regression
    --with Dr. Jessica Kraker

  • Doubling and Tripling Operator Effects on Rational Tangles
    --with Dr Carolyn Otto

  • Moduli Space of Lie and Associative Algebras
    --with Dr. Michael Penkava

  • Pattern Avoidance in Trees
    --with Dr. Manda Riehl

  • Dissonance Curves and Musical Harmony II
    --with Dr. James Walker

  • Combinatorical and Arithmetic Dualities
    --with Dr. Ursula Whitcher