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Meanings behind the Seal of KME

KME Seal

The CREST is a shield enclosing the five-pointed star; in the star is the graph of the rose rho = a * sin (5 theta) , the symbol of pure mathematics. Around the star are five symbols indicative of the many applications of mathematics : at the upper right is a conventionalized butterfly, for the biological sciences; at the lower right is a moon and three stars, for the physical sciences; at the bottom is the symbol S angle n, for the business world; in the lower left is a shamrock and a slide rule, for the engineers; at the upper left is a book of knowledge, for the students and teachers who are continually extending the boundaries of mathematics and its applications.

Above the shield is the design of the badge of the Society, and below it is a streamer upon which is printed the Greek motto.

The COLORS are the pink of the wild rose and the silver of the star.

Since a five-leaved rose fits into the pentagon, the wild rose which usually has five petals is the fraternity FLOWER.

The MOTTO of Kappa Mu Epsilon, translated into English, is "Develop an appreciation for the beauty in mathematics." The objective of the organization since its inception has been the fulfullment of this motto.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.