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A. Inverse Functions

1. Inverse trigonometric functions. Plotting I[html]  [mws]

2. Differentiating inverse trigonometric functions. Derivatives I[html]  [mws]

B. Differential Equations

1. Differential Equations, slope fields, and Newton's law of cooling.  Derivatives II[html]  [mws]

C. Integrals

1. Estimating area with leftsum, rightsum and middlesum. Integrals I[html]  [mws]

2. An application involving integrals of trigonometric functions and AM radio signals. Another activity explores integrals involving inverse trigonometric functions. Integrals II[html]  [mws]

3. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Integrals III[html]  [mws]

4. Approximating the definite integral with the trapezoidal rule and Simpson's rule and associated error analysis.

Integrals IV[html]  [mws]

5. Using Maple to check your work (definite integration). Integrals V[html]  [mws]

6. An activity exploring integrating expressions involving a quadratic. Integrals VI[html]  [mws]

7. Areas of plane regions, including a discussion of Archimedes' result on the area of a parabolic segment. Integrals VII[html]  [mws]

8. Six activities on solids of revolution. Integrals VIII[html]  [mws]

9. Four activities on arc-length, including one using parametric curves.. Integrals IX[html]  [mws]

10. Partial fractions. Integrals X[html]  [mws]

11. Integration by parts. Integrals XI[html]  [mws]

12. One activity on trigonometric substitutions and another involving integrals with trigonometric integrands. Integrals XII[html]  [mws]

13. One activity on reduction formulas and another involving the integrating of products of sines and cosines.

Integrals XIII[html]  [mws]

14. Monte Carlo integration Integrals XIV[html]  [mws]

D. Sequences

1. Four activities involving sequences. Sequences I[html]  [mws]

2. Three activities involving recursively defined sequences, including one on Picard's method. Sequences II[html]  [mws]

E. Series

1. Two activities on partial sums. Series I[html]  [mws]

2. An activity exploring the convergence of a series through limits of partial sums. Series II[html]  [mws]

3. Two activities involving the integral test and two involving ratio and root tests. Series III[html]  [mws]

4. The comparison and alternating series tests. Series IV[html]  [mws]

5. Two activities estimating the remainder with the integral test. Series V[html]  [mws]

6. Power Series. Series VI[html]  [mws]

7. Taylor polynomials. Series VII[html]  [mws]

8. Bessel functions. Series VIII[html]  [mws]