Section Summaries
Thomas' Calculus - Early Transcendentals tenth edition

                     Section     Section Topic                                                
1-1 Rates of change and limits
1-2 Finding limits and one sided limits
1-3 Limits involving infinity
1-4 Continuity
1-5 Tangent Lines
2-1 The Derivative as a function
2-2 The Derivative as a rate of change
2-3 The Derivatives of Products and Quotients
2-4 Derivatives of Trigonometric functions
2-5 The Chain Rule
2-6 Implicit Differentiation
2-7 Related Rates
2-9 Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic functions
3-1 Extreme Values of functions
3-2 Mean Value Theorem and Differential Equations
3-3 The shape of a graph
3-4 Graphical Solutions to Autonomous Diff. Equations
3-5 Modeling and Optimization
3-6 Linearization and Differentials
4-1 Indefinite Integrals, DE's and Modeling
4-2 Integral rules, Integration by substitution
4-3 Estimating with finite sums
4-4 Riemann Sums and  Definite Integrals
4-5 The Mean Value and Fundamental Theorems