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The Department of Mathematics at UW-Eau Claire offers the best features of both a small liberal arts college and a large university. We do this by providing a core mathematics curriculum that is supplemented by a variety of electives for individuals with specific interests.

Outside the classroom, undergraduates frequently collaborate with faculty on research problems. This "valued-added" high impact practice supplements our rigorous classroom curriculum.




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Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Faculty/Student Research Projects


  • Moduli Spaces of Low Dimensional Algebras
    --Dr. Penkava

  • Lattice Point Visibility on Generalized Lines of Sights
    --aBa Mbirika

  • Minimum Number of Enzyme Actions to Produce Tricolorable DNA Knots and Links
    --Dr. Otto

  • Approximating Solutions of ODEs using Adaptive Techniques and the Framework of the Time Scale Calculus
    --Dr. Ahrendt

  • Pattern Avoidance in Task-Precedence Posets
    --Dr. Riehl

  • Algebras associated to the Hasse graphs of Coxeter groups H_3 and H_4
    --Dr. Duffy

  • Point Counting and Picard-Fuchs Equations
    --Dr. Whitcher

  • Flexible Skew-Symmetric Distributions: Applications to Medical Data
    --Dr. Aziz

  • A comparison of ancestry-based methods of association mapping for populations with three-way admixture
    --Dr. Brisbin

  • Longevity Risk in the Solvency Framework
    --Dr. Koissi

Archived Faculty Student Research Projects