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Supporting Technology to Improve Learning

Our goal is efficient, easy-to-access service. Through collaboration with others we continue to develop innovative solutions to enhance information technology, learning, and teaching. Whether we lend our support to technology, infrastructure, or people, we are committed to the goal of excellence in education at UW-Eau Claire.

LTS Help Desk

The LTS Help Desk is the front line of support regarding learning and technology services. They coordinate the referral of faculty, student and staff questions to the appropriate resources. Help is available through telephone, email, and walk-in consultation.

Status Updates


Important Announcement

As of July 29, 2014, Learning and Technology Services will be using a new client management and support system. Due to this system change, emails regarding incidents have also changed format. These emails currently do not indicate that they are from the UW-Eau Claire but all emails WILL be sent from If you have any questions, please contact the LTS Help Desk.

LTS Computer Purchasing

LTS is bringing out a new way to purchase computers and printers here on campus. Please see the LTS Consulting webpage to learn more about the new computer and printer purchasing process.