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Collection Development

Collection Development Policy

I. General Policy Statement

A. Introduction - Policy Framework and Scope

The McIntyre library is the central library on the UW-Eau Claire campus and the only resource staffed by professional librarians. As such, it is charged with supporting the educational missions of the entire university. Therefore, this policy statement aims at a fair and equal allocation of available funds and resources to all members of the UW-Eau Claire intellectual community, while recognizing that academic needs for learning resources are being addressed by additional expenditures for materials and personnel in and by the Departments of Music, Special Education, Geography, English and the School of Nursing.

In recognition of the limitations on library services funds and resources, this policy also establishes priorities based on the mission of the library and the university. Priorities are addressed in terms of the primary focus on undergraduate education and on the four schools represented at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Issues of materials collecting levels, formats collected, historical depth and chronological breadth, retention and deselection and the impact of electronic information systems and changing paradigms for collection goals in higher education are also addressed briefly at this time. It is intended that additional detail will be added to this policy during the next two years as the library and the campus move through a transition period which spans both technological and conceptual areas of higher education.

B. Statement of Philosophy - Based on Purpose of Institution

(see Appendix One: Mission Statements)
In keeping with the mission statements of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and of the McIntyre Library, the primary responsibility of Collection Development is to support undergraduate education in the four Academic Schools, Arts & Sciences, Education, Business and Nursing.

Our secondary mission is to support Masters-level programs administered through the Graduate School. Its tertiary mission is to support the research needs of faculty and its quaternary mission is to provide access to resources for community, regional, state and national needs for intellectual endeavors related to the educational programs offered at UW-Eau Claire. This difference is reflected in the policy already in place that undergraduate interlibrary loan borrowing is restricted to Wisconsin institutions while Graduate and Faculty interlibrary borrowing are globally unrestricted. Additionally, ILL borrowing persons with no institutional affiliation is not performed by our institution. These patrons are directed to the public library for their ILL needs.

II. Overview of Needs


Collection Development efforts in subject areas are centered on the four schools of the University. Materials in all relevant formats are collected at levels of strength which are in keeping with the educational and research needs of the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Nursing.

A. General Scope and Purpose of the Library Collections

The primary purpose of the collection and access resources of the library is to support undergraduate programs in Arts and Sciences, Education, Business and Nursing with collections and other methods of access to needed informational resources.

The secondary purpose is to support graduate education in the same ways for those departments which include a graduate component.

The tertiary purpose is to support faculty research in areas of undergraduate and graduate programs with the same resources and access mechanisms.

The quaternary purpose is the support local, regional, state and national informational needs in the disciplines for which our institution offers educational programs.

Heavier emphasis will be placed on collecting actual materials to support our primary and secondary goals and on providing access to information through electronic indexes and search services and interlibrary-loan and possible future document delivery services for the tertiary and quaternary goals.

B. Scope and Purpose of Discrete Collections Within the Library.

  1. Government Documents
  2. Insofar as it does not interfere with the requirements of a federal depository collection, the primary purpose of the U.S. and Wisconsin document collections is to complement undergraduate classroom instruction.

    The secondary purpose is to support graduate level study. The tertiary purpose is to assist with faculty research. The quaternary purpose is to meet the general government information needs of the residents of the 3rd and 7th Congressional Districts of West Central Wisconsin.

    Federal and state documents are collected in a variety of formats, including print publications; microfiche; microfilm; maps; charts; posters; compact discs, bibliographic and full text; diskettes; and videos. Access to federal and state electronic bulletin boards, online and CD-ROM databases, such as the Census Bureau Bulletin board and WISPOP, complements the government information resources housed within the walls of the library.

  3. Instructional Media Center
  4. The detailed IMC Collection Development Policy can be found in Appendix Two. It will used in conjunction with the general collection development policy and the principles subscribed to there will be followed.

    The Instructional Media Center, in keeping with its mission to support the Teacher Education program at UW-Eau Claire, maintains specialized collections in K-12 Textbooks, Educational Media, Children's Books, with a focus on K-6 level with some young titles added, a professional collection dealing with all phases of elementary and secondary education, including tests purchased from commercial publishers, Curriculum guides, with State Department of Public Education being the only part of the collection in paper, Student Units, selected periodicals, ERIC in paper and on CD ROM, and a Vertical File. The IMC also houses the Media collected to support the general University curricula.

  5. Reference
  6. The Reference collection supports the quick information and research referral needs of a diverse clientele--undergraduates, graduate students, teaching faculty/administrative staff, librarians, and to a lesser extent, alumni and community members. Materials selected for the Reference Department collection must contribute the delivery of information and research resources in the academic context.

    Accordingly, most of the materials acquired support the instructional programs of the university; however, a limited number of materials related to nonacademic subjects, such as career guides, travel guides, repair manuals, etc., are also acquired. While the reference collection provides information at a minimal level on all general interest aspects of human activity, the collection is intended to complement rather than duplicate that of a public library in areas of personal need or popular interest.

  7. Reserve Collection
  8. The Reserve Collection provides limited access to materials in support of current courses at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. It also houses high risk materials from the general collection and provides shorter term circulation for materials in high demand. Items purchased for the Reserve Collection reflect general collecting guidelines for the William D. McIntyre Library. In anticipation of high usage, two to five copies of a title may be purchased, subject to the approval of the Reserve Library Supervisor and the Collection Development Librarian.

  9. Special Collections\Archives
  10. Special Collections comprises the University Archives, Area Research Center, Rare Books Collection, and Local History Collection. Materials include manuscripts, books, booklets and pamphlets, photographs, maps, and audio and videotapes. Documents and other materials are collected in order to document the activities and functions of the University Community, develop a Area Research Center to document the history of the six counties of the Chippewa Valley, and maintaining a limited Rare Book Collection, largely through unsolicited donations, of materials which meet curricular needs of UW-Eau Claire or support the Area Research Center or University Archives functions or the Local History collection.

    (See Appendix Two: Library Department Statements and Policies for detailed collection statements.)

  11. Periodicals
  12. The periodicals collection includes the following sections:

    • Journals. In addition to the general selection guidelines journal subscriptions purchased and renewed shall meet the following criteria:
      • Contents analyzed in frequently consulted indexing and abstracting tools; and
      • reasonable cost per projected or actual use
    • Newspapers. In keeping with the general selection guidelines, the library shall acquire current newspapers which:
      • meet the basic informational needs of the university community; or
      • are of interest to major groups of international and ethnic students on campus.
    • Backfiles. Backfiles of journals and newspapers shall be acquired as appropriate to the collection level. Depending on availability, cost, and content of the original material, microformats shall generally be preferred for the permanent copy.

III. Statement of Collection Levels


A. General Collection

The library will strive to acquire and retain materials in support of programs offered through University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. It should be understood, however, that we maintain a working collection rather than an archival or comprehensive one. The areas in which collecting is concentrated will currently be stated in terms the schools and programs and at the levels at which those programs are currently offered at the undergraduate and graduate level. Needs for faculty research and community access are served in relation to the student mission.

The collection level is herein stated in terms of a generalized subject analysis based on programs and is based on the breakdown of LC Subject classes based on the ALA Guide to Collection Development Policies. Below is a brief description of the levels. The full description can be found in Appendix Three: Collection Levels.

  • A = Comprehensive level.A collection in which a library endeavors, so far as is reasonably possible, to include all significant works of recorded knowledge.
  • B = Research level.A collection which includes the major published source materials required for dissertations and independent research.
  • C = Study level.A collection which supports undergraduate or graduate course work, or sustained independent study; This is broken into two sub-levels:
    • (1)=Advanced study level.A collection which is adequate to support the course work of advanced undergraduate and master's degree programs.
    • (2)=Initial Study level.A collection which is adequate to support undergraduate courses.
  • D = Basic level.A highly selective collection which serves to introduce and define the subject and to indicate the varieties of information available elsewhere.
  • E = Minimal level.A subject area in which few selections are made beyond very basic works.
  • O = Not Collected

We collect at the "C" or "Study" Level in all the areas of knowledge in which we have educational programs, and, more specifically, at the Advanced Study level for programs with Masters components and the Initial Study level for programs with undergraduate components only.

AC Collections C-2
AE Encyclopedia C-2
AG General Reference Works C-1
AI Indexes C-1
AM Museums, Collectors & Collecting E
AN Newspapers (if used by campus) D
AP Periodicals C-2
AS Societies. Academies E
AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories C-2
AZ History of the Sciences in General D

Scholarship, Learning C-1
B 1-68 Philosophy: Periodicals. Societies, Congresses, etc C-2
B 69-789 Philosophy: History and Systems, Ancient through Renaissance C-2
B 790-5739 Philosophy: History and Systems, Post-Renaissance C-2
BC Logic D
BD Speculative Philosophy C-1
BF 1-1000 Psychology C-2
BF1001-1400 Parapsychology E
BF1401-1999 Occult Sciences E
BH Aesthetics C-2
BJ 1-1800 Ethics C-2
BJ1801-2195 Social Usages, Etiquette D
BL Religions, Mythology, Rationalism C-2
BM Judaism C-2
BP Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy, etc C-2
BQ Buddhism C-2
BR Christianity (General) C-2
BS Bible C-2
BT Doctrinal Theology C-2
BV Practical Theology C-2
BX 1-799 Eastern Christian Churches C-2
BX 800-4795 Roman Catholic Churches C-2
BX4800-9999 Protestantism C-2
C Auxiliary Sciences of History: General C-2
CB History of Civilization and Culture C-1
CC Archaeology (General) C-2
CD Diplomatics, Archives, Seals D
CE Chronology C-1
CJ Numismatics E
CN Epigraph D
CR Heraldry D
CS Genealogy D
CT Biography C-1
D 1-900 History (General) C-1
D 901-1075 History of Europe, General C-1
DA History: Great Britain C-1
DB History: Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary C-1
DC History: France C-1
DD History: Germany C-1
DE History: Mediterranean Region, Greco-Roman World C-1
DF History: Greece C-1
DG History: Italy C-1
DH History: Netherlands.low countries (general & Belgium) C-1
DJ History: Netherlands(Holland) C-1
DJK History: Eastern Europe C-1
DK History: Russia, U.S.S.R C-1
DL History: Northern Europe, Scandinavia C-1
DP1-500 History: Spain C-1
DP501-900 History: Portugal C-1
D History: Sweden C-1
DR History: Eastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula C-1
DS 1-40 History: Asia C-1
DS41-329 History: Southwestern Asia.Ancient Orient. Near East C-1
DS330-500 History: Southern Asia. Indian Ocean C-1
DS501-935 History: Eastern Asia. Southeastern Asia Far East C-1
DT History: Africa C-1
DU History: Oceania (South Seas) C-1
DX History: Gypsies C-1
E 1-139 History of Americas: General. Indians North America C-1
E140-200 United States, Colonial, Special Topics C-1
E201-299 United States, Revolutionary Period C-1
E301-440 United States, 1790-1855 C-1
E441-655 United States, Slavery and Civil War C-1
E656-867 United States since the civil war C-1
F 1-205 State & Local History: New England, Atlantic Coast C-2
F206-475 State & Local History: South, Gulf States C-2
F476-705 State & Local History: Midwest, Mississippi Valley C-1
F721-854 State & Local History: The West C-2
F856-975 State & Local History: Pacific Coast, Alaska C-2
F1000-1170 History: British America, Canada C-1
F1201-1392 History: Mexico C-1
F1401-1419 History: Latin America, Spanish America (General) C-1
F1421-1577 History: Central America C-1
F1601-2151 History: West Indies C-1
F2155-2183 History: Caribbean Area C-1
F2201-3799 History: South America C-1
G 1-922 Geography (General) C-2
G1001-3122 Atlases C-2
G3160-9980 Maps C-2
GA 1-87 Mathematical Geography C-2
GA 100-1999 Cartography C-2
GB Physical Geography C-2
GC Oceanography D
GF Anthropogeography C-2
GN 1-296 Anthropology C-2
GN301-686 Ethnology and Ethnography C-2
GN700-875 Prehistoric Archaeology C-2
GR Folklore C-2
GT Manners and Customs (General) C-2
GV 1-200 Recreation C-2
GV201-555 Physical Training C-2
GV557-1198 Sports C-2
GV1199-1570 Games and Amusements C-2
GV1580-1799 Dancing D
GV1800-1860 Circuses, Carnivals, etc E
H Social Sciences in general C-2
HA Statistics C-2
HB Economic Theory C-2
HC Economic History & Conditions: National Production C-2
HD 1-100 Economics: Production C-2
HD101-1395 Economics: Land C-2
HD1401-2210 Agricultural Economics D
HD2321-4730 Economics: Industry C-1
HD4801-8942 Labor D
HD9000-9999 Special Industries and Trades D
HE Transportation and Communication D
HF 1-4050 Commerce D
HF5001-6351 Business C-2
HG Finance C-2
HJ Public Finance C-2
HM Sociology: General Works, Theory C-2
HN Sociology: Social History and Conditions, etc C-2
HQ Family, Marriage, Woman, Sexual Life C-2
HS Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc D
HT Communities, Classes, Races C-2
HV Social Pathology, Welfare, Criminology C-2
HX Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, Utopianism C-2
J Official Documents C-2
JA Political Science: Collections, etc. C-2
JC Political Theory C-2
JF Constitutional History, Admin.: General, Comparative C-2
JK Constitutional History & Admin.: United States C-2
JL Constitutional History, Admin.: British & Latin America C-2
JN Constitutional History & Admin.: Europe C-2
JQ Constitutional History, Admin.: Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania C-2
JS Local Government C-2
JV 1-5399 Colonies and Colonization C-2
JV6001-9500 Emigration & Immigration C-2
JX International Law D
K-KC Law: General E
KD Law: United Kingdom and Ireland O
KE Law: Canada E
KF Law: U.S. (Federal) E
KFA-KFW Law: U.S. States and Territories E
KFX Law: U.S. Cities E
KFZ Law of Individual Territories E
KG-KZ Law: Latin American and Old World O
L Education-General C-1
LA History of Education C-2
LB Theory & Practice of Education C-1
LC Special Aspects of Education C-1
LD Education: Individual Institutions: United States C-1
LE Education: Institutions: America (Except U.S.) C-2
LF Education: Individual Institutions: Europe C-2
LG Education: Institutions: Asia, Africa, Oceania D
LH College & School Magazines and Papers E
LJ Student Fraternities and Societies O
LT Textbooks D
M 1-4 Music: Collections, Manuscripts, Collected Works, etc C-1
M 5-1490 Instrumental Music: Music before 1700 C-1
M1495-5000 Vocal Music C-1
ML Literature of Music C-1
MT Musical Instruction and Study C-1
N Visual Arts (General) C-1
NA Architecture C-2
NB Sculpture C-1
NC Graphic Arts (General), Drawing, Design C-2
ND Painting C-1
NE Print Media:Printmaking, Engraving, Lithography, etc C-1
NK Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Crafts D
NX Arts in General C-1
P Philology, Linguistics C-1
PA 1-2995 Classical Philology C-2
PA3000-3049 Classical Literature C-2
PA3050-4500 Greek Literature D
PA5000- 5665 Byzantine & Modern Greek Literature D
PA6000-7041 Latin Literature D
PA8001-8595 Medieval and Modern Latin Literature D
PB 1-431 Modern Languages: General C-2
PB1001-3029 Celtic Languages and Literatures D
PC 1-400 Romanic Philology and Languages: General D
PC601-872 Romanian Language and Literature D
PC890 Dalmatian D
PC901-986 Raeto-Romance Language and Literature D
PC1001-1984 Italian Language, Sardinian Language & Literature D
PC2001-3761 French Language C-2
PC3801-3976 Catalan Language & Literature D
PC4001-4977 Spanish Language C-2
PC5001-5498 Portuguese Languages C-2
PD 1-777 Germanic Pholology and Languages: General C-2
PD1001-1184 Old Germanic Dialects D
PD1501-7159 North Germanic, Scandinavian D
PE English Philology and Language C-2
PF 1-979 Dutch Language O
PF1001-1184 Flemish Language O
PF1401-1558 Friesian Language and Literature O
PF3001-5999 German Language C-2
PG 1-489 Slavic Philology: General O
PG500-585 Slavic Literature: General D
PG601-799 Church Slavic O
PG801-1158 Bulgarian Language and Literature O
PG1161-1164 Macedonian Language and Literature O
PG1171-1798 Serbo-Croatian Language and Literature O
PG1801-1998 Slovenian Language and Literature O
PG2001-2850 Russian Language E
PG2900-3155 Russian Literature: History and Criticism E
PG3200-3299 Russian Literature: Collections D
PG3300-3490 Russian Literature: Individual Authors D
PG3500-3560 Russian Literature: Provincial and Local O
PG3561-3800 Subjects other than Russian Literature O
PG3801-3998 Ukrainian Language and Literature O
PG4001-5198 Czech Language and Literature O
PG5201-5598 Slovak Language and Literature O
PG5631-5698 Serbian Language and Literature O
PG6001-7498 Polish Language and Literature O
PG7900-7948 Minor Slavic Dialects O
PG8001-9263 Baltic Languages O
PG9501-9678 Albanian O
PH 1-79 Finno-Ugrian and Basque: General O
PH91-498 Finnish Language and Literature D
PH501-1109 Other Finnish Languages and Dialects O
PH1201-3718 Hungarian, Ugrian Languages and Literature O
PH5001-5490 Basque Language and Literature O
PJ 1-995 Oriental Philology and Literature: General D
PJ1001-1989 Egyptology E
PJ2001- 2199 Coptic E
PJ2301-2551 Hamitic O
PJ3001-4091 Semitic Philology, Assyrian, Sumerian E
PJ4101-5809 Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac E
PJ5901-9288 Arabic, Ethiopian O
PK 1-90 Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature: General E
PK101-2891 Indo-Aryan Languages O
PK2901-5534 Indo-Aryan Literature O
PK6001-6599 Iranian Philology and Literature O
PK6701-6996 Afghan, Beluchi, Kurdish, Ossetic, etc O
PK7001-9601 Dardic, Armenian, Caucasian Languages O
PL 1-489 Ural-Altaic Languages O
PL490-495 East Asiatic Languages & Literature General) Ainu O
PL501-898 Japanese Language and Literature D
PL901-998 Korean Language and Literature O
PL1001-3299 Chinese Language and Literature D
PL3301-3505 Non-Chinese Languages of China O
PL3521-4587 Indo-Chinese, Karen, Tai, etc. Languages O
PL4601-4961 Dravidian Languages and Literature O
PL5001-7101 Oceanic Languages O
PL7501-7893 Unclassed Languages of Asia and the Pacific O
PL8000-8844 African Languages O
PM 1-95 Hyperborean Languages of American and Asia E
PM101-7356 American Languages D
PM7801-7895 Mixed Languages, Creole, Pidgeon English, etc D
PM8001-9021 Artificial Languages.Secret Languages, Esperanto,etc E
PN 1-44 Literature: Periodicals, Yearbooks, Societies, etc C-2
PN45-75 Literature: Theory, Philosophy, Esthetics C-1
PN80-99 Literary Criticism C-1
PN101-249 Authorship C-1
PN441-1009 Literary History C-1
PN1010-1590 Poetry, the Performing Arts, Show Biz C-1
PN1600-1657 Drama: Periodicals, Yearbooks, General Works C-2
PN1660-1864 Technique of Dramatic Composition, History of Drama C-2
PN1865-1989 Historical & Religious Plays, Tragedy, etc C-1
PN1990-1992 Broadcasting C-2
PN1993-1999 Motion Pictures C-2
PN2000-2081 The Theater: General C-2
PN2085-2219 The Theater: Stage, Accessories, History by Period C-2
PN2220-2298 The Theater in the United States C-2
PN2300-2554 The Theater in the Americas Except U.S C-2
PN2570-2859 The Theater in Europe C-2
PN2860-3030 The Theater in Asia, Africa, and Oceania D
PN3035 Jewish Theater D
PN3151-3191 The Theater: Amateur and College Theatricals D
PN3195-3300 The Theater: Minstrel Shows, Spectacles, tableaux,etc C-2
PN3311-3503 Prose, Prose Fiction, the Short Story, etc. C-1
PN4001-4355 Oratory, Elocution, etc C-1
PN4390-4500 Diaries, Letters and Essays C-2
PN4699-5650 Journalism and the Periodical Press C-2
PN6010-6078 Literature: General Collections C-1
PN6080-6095 Collections of Quotations C-1
PN6099-6120 Collections of Poetry and Drama C-1
PN6121-6146 Collections of Orations, Letters, Essays C-1
PN6147-6231 Wit and Humor, Satire C-1
PN6233-6381 Anacreontic Literature, Extracts, etc C-1
PN6400-6700 Proverbs, etc C-1
PQ 1-841 French Literature: History and Criticism C-2
PQ1100-1297 Collections of French Literature C-2
PQ1300-1595 Old French Literature, to ca. 1525 D
PQ1600-1709 French Literature, 16th Century C-2
PQ1710-1935 French Literature, 17th Century C-2
PQ1947-2147 French Literature, 18th Century C-2
PQ2149-2551 French Literature, 19th Century C-2
PQ2600-2651 French Literature, 1900-1960 C-2
PQ2660-2686 French Literature, 1960- C-2
PQ3800-3999 French Literature, Provincial, Local, Colonial,etc C-2
PQ4001-4263 Italian Literature: History & Criticism D
PQ4265-4556 Italian Literature to 1400 D
PQ4561-4664 Italian Literature, 1400-1700 D
PQ4675-4734 Italian Literature, 1701-1900 D
PQ4800-4886 Italian Literature, 1901- D
PQ5901-5999 Italian Literature: Provincial, Local, Colonial D
PQ6001-6269 Spanish Literature:History.Criticism Collections,etc C-2
PQ6271-6498 Spanish Literature to 1700 D
PQ6500-6576 Spanish Literature, 1700-ca. 1868 C-2
PQ6600-6647 Spanish Literature, 1868-1960 C-2
PQ6651-6676 Spanish Literature, 1961- C-2
PQd7000-7079 Spanish Literature: Provincial & in Europe, North America C-2
PQ7080-7087 Spanish Literature in Spanish American (General) C-2
PQ7100-7349 Spanish Literature of Mexico Former U.S. Spanish Provinces C-2
PQ7361-7539 Spanish Literature of West Indies & Central America C-2
PQ7551-8560 Spanish Literature of South America C-2
PQ8600-8929 Spanish Literature of Africa, Asia, Australia, etc D
PQ9000-9189 Portuguese Literature:History,Criticism, Collection D
PQ9191-9255 Portuguese Literature to 1700 D
PQ9261-9288 Portuguese Literature since 1700 D
PQ9400-9479 Portuguese Literature: Provincial & in Europe U.S., Canada D
PQ9500-9696 Portuguese Literature of Brazil, to 1800 D
PQ9697-9699 Portuguese Literature of Brazil since 1800 D
PQ9900-9999 Portuguese Literature of Africa, Asia, Australia,etc D
PR 1-78 English Literature: Literary History and Criticism
PR81-151 History of English Literature, General C-1
PR161-479 History of English Literature by Period C-1
PR500-978 History of English Literature by Form(Poetry,Drama,etc) C-1
PR1098-1395 English Literature: Collections C-1
PR1490-1799 Anglo-Saxon Literature D
PR1803-2165 Anglo-Norman and Early Middle English Literature D
PR2199-2405 English Renaissance Literature, Prose & Poetry C-2
PR2411-2416 English Renaissance Drama: Anonymous Plays C-2
PR2417-2749 English Renaissance Drama: Plays by Playwrights A-Shad C-2
PR2750-3112 Shakespeare C-1
PR3135-3198 English Renaissance Drama:Plays by Playwrights Shar-Z C-2
PR3291-3785 English Literature, 17th & 18th Centuries C-1
PR3991-5990 English Literature, 19th Century C-1
PR6000-6049 English Literature, 1900-1960 C-1
PR6050-6076 English Literature, 1961- C-1
PR8309-9899 English Literature:Provincial, Colonial, etc C-1
PS 1-478 American Literature: General, Criticism, History C-1
PS501-690 American Literature: Collections C-1
PS700-893 American Literature: Colonial Period C-1
PS991-3390 American Literature: 19th Century C-1
PS3500-3549 American Literature: 1900-1960 C-1
PS3550-3576 American Literature: 1961- C-1
PT 1-951 German Literature: History, Criticism, Folk Literature C-2
PT1100-1485 Collections of German Literature C-2
PT1501-1695 German Literature: 1050-1450/1500 D
PT1701-1797 German Literature: 1500-ca. 1700 D
PT1799-2592 German Literature: 1700-ca. 1860/70 C-2
PT2600-2659 German Literature: 1860/70-1960 C-2
PT2660-2688 German Literature: 1961- C-2
PT3701-4899 German Literature: Provincial, Local, Colonial, etc D
PT5001-5395 Dutch Literature: History & Criticism E
PT5400-5547 Dutch Literature: Collections O
PT5555-5880 Dutch Literature through 1960 O
PT5881 Dutch Literature, 1961- O
PT5885-5980 Translations into Dutch, Provincial Dutch Literature, etc O
PT6000-6471 Flemish Literature since 1830 O
PT6500-6590 Afrikaans Literature to 1960 O
PT6592 Afrikaans Literature since 1961 O
PT7001-7099 Scandinavian Literature: General D
PT7101-7599 Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Faroese O
PT7601-8260 Danish Literature E
PT8301-9155 Norwegian Literature E
PT9201-9999 Swedish Literature E
PZ 1-4 Fiction in English C-1
PZ 5-10 Juvenile Literature: American & English C-1
PZ11-99 Juvenile Literature: Foreign C-2
Q Science (General)(B) C-2
QA1-99 Mathematics (General) C-2
QA101-145 Arithmetic C-2
QA150-299 Algebra C-2
QA300-433 Mathematical Analysis (Calculus, etc) C-2
QA440-799 Geometry, Trigonometry C-2
QA801-939 Analytic Mechanics E
QB Astronomy C-2
QC 1-75 Physics (General) C-2
QC81-119 Weights and Measures D
QC120-168 Experimental Mechanics D
QC170-220 Constitution and Properties of Matter C-2
QC221-246 Sound C-2
QC251-338 Heat C-2
QC350-496 Light, Optics, Radiation (General) C-2
QC501-798 Electricity, Magnetism, Nuclear Physics C-2
QC801-999 Geophysics, Meteorology, Geomagnetism C-2
QD 1-69 Chemistry (General) C-1
QD71-145 Analytical Chemistry C-1
QD146-199 Inorganic Chemistry C-1
QD241-449 Organic Chemistry C-1
QD450-731 Physical & Theoretical Chemistry C-1
QD901-999 Crystallography C-2
QE Geology C-2
QH 1-199 Natural History (General) C-2
QH201-278 Microscopy C-1
QH301-705 Biology (General) C-1
QK 1-474 Botany (General) C-2
QK475-989 Botany (Specific Fields) C-2
QL 1-355 Zoology (General) C-2
QL362-739 Invertebrate & Vertebrate Zoology C-2
QL750-991 Ethology, Anatomy, Embryology C-1
Q Human Anatomy (B) C-1
QP 1-348 Physiology (General)(B) C-1
QP351-499 Nervous System & the Senses (B) C-1
QP501-801 Animal Biochemistry (B) C-2
QP901-981 Experimental Pharmacology (B) C-1
QR Microbiology
R 1-130 Medicine: Periodicals, Societies, General Topics C-2
R131-687 Medicine: History, Medical Expeditions C-2
R690-899 Medicine: Special Subjects(B) C-2
RA3-420 Medicine and the State (B) C-2
RA421-790 Public Health (B) C-1
RA791-955 Medical Geography C-2
RA960-998 Medical Centers, Hospitals, etc. (B) C-1
RA1001-1171 Forensic Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence (B) C-1
RA1190-1270 Toxicology (B) C-1
RB Pathology (B) C-1
RC 1-106 Internal Medicine, Medical Practice: General Works (B) C-1
RC110-253 Infectious & Parasitic Diseases (B) C-1
RC254-298 Neoplasma, Neoplastic Diseases (B) C-1
RC306-320 Tuberculosis (B) C-1
RC321-431 Neurology (B) C-1
RC435-576 Psychiatry, Psychopathology (B) C-1
RC578-632 Allergic, Metabolic, Nutritional Diseases (B) C-1
RC633-935 Diseases of Organs, Glands, Systems (B) C-1
RC936-951 Diseases of Regions of the Body (B) C-1
RC952-1299 Geriatrics, Arctic & Tropical Medicine etc (B) C-1
RD Surgery (B) C-1
RE Ophthalmology (B) C-2
RF Otorhinolaryngology (B) C-2
RG Gynecology & Obstetrics (B) C-1
RJ Pediatrics (B) C-1
RK Dentistry (B) E
RL Dermatology (B) E
RM Therapeutics, Pharmacology (B) C-1
RS Pharmacy & Materia Medica (B) D
RT Nursing (B) C-1
RV Botanic, Thomsonian, Eclectic Medicine (B) E
RX Homeopathy (B) D
RZ Other Systems of Medicine (B) E
S1-760 Agriculture (General) E
S900-972 Conservation of Natural Resources D
SB Plant Culture and Horticulture D
SD Forestry E
SF Animal Culture, Veterinary Medicine, etc E
SH Fish Culture and Fisheries E
SK Hunting Sports E
T Technology - General C-2
TA Engineering - General, Civil Engineering O
TC Hydraulic Engineering O
TD Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering O
TE Highway Engineering O
TF Railroad Engineering & Operation O
TG Bridge Engineering O
TH Building Construction O
TJ Mechanical Engineering & Machinery O
TK Electrical Engineering, Electronics, O

Nuclear Engineering O
TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics O
TN Mining Engineering and Metallurgy O
TP Chemical Technology E
TR Photography C-2
TS Manufactures O
TT Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts C-2
TX Domestic Arts E
U Military Science (General) O
UA Armies: Organization, Distribution, etc O
UB Military Administration O
UC Military Science: Maintenance & Transportation O
UD Infantry O
UE Cavalry, Armor O
UF Artillery O
UG Military Engineering O
UH Military Science: Other Services O
V Naval Science (General) O
VA Navies: Organization, Distribution, etc O
VB Naval Administration O
VC Naval Maintenance O
VD Naval Seamen O
VE Marines O
VF Naval Ordinance O
VG Minor Services of Navies O
VK Navigation, Merchant Marine O
VM Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding, etc O
Z 4-15 History of Books and Bookmaking C-2
Z40-115 Writing, Paleography C-2
Z116-550 Printing C-2
Z551-661 Copyright, Intellectual Property C-2
Z662-1000 Libraries: Library Science C-2
Z1001-1121 Bibliography, General C-2
Z1201-1212 National Bibliography: America C-2
Z1215-1361 National Bibliography: United States (B) C-2
Z1365-1401 National Bibliography: Canada C-2
Z1411-1945 National Bibliography: Mexico, Central & South America D
Z2000-2959 National Bibliography: Europe D
Z3001-4980 National Bibliography: Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania D
Z5051-5055 Subject & Personal Bibliography: Academies, Societies, etc D
Z5056-8999, Subject & Personal Bibliography: Other D

B. Indexes

Appropriate indexes and catalogs, in paper and electronic format, are collected to provide access to resident collections and information about off-campus collections available through such services as interlibrary loan with which cooperative agreements have been established. These indexes will thus correspond with the educational areas of emphasis on this campus and those which provide access to areas of emphasis on other campus collections relevant to our primary mission.

C. Formats

Monographic and Serial: The primary collection of the McIntyre Library will, for the foreseeable future, consist of monographic and serial (periodical and standing order) publications. However, materials in other formats will be collected in keeping with the scope and purpose and collection levels guidelines detailed above.

The library collects in the other areas detailed below as needed for the support of programs offered at this institution. Formats collected include: Art Reproduction, Chart, Computer Software, Filmstrip, Flash Card, Game, Kit, Map, Microform, Motion Picture (16 and 8 mm.), Music Score, Picture, Realia, and Slide, Sound Recording (cassettes, phonograph records, cds), Thesis, Toy, Transparency, Video Recording (videotape and videodisc)

D. Languages

The library's major collection will be in English, with other language materials collected at the level at which language courses are taught and in support of those courses. This dictates that the languages of German, French and Spanish in which majors are offered will be collected in more depth than those such as Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Danish, Swedish and Norwegian in which only initial instruction is offered.

E. Geographical guidelines and limitations

Based on curricular needs of the institution, the library collects materials on all geographical areas of the world.

F. Chronological limitations

Based on curricular needs of the institution, the library will collect, but not necessarily indefinitely retain, materials covering all periods of history.

G. Recreational and leisure needs of students, faculty, and staff.

In recognition of the extra-curricular needs of students, faculty and staff, as well as the community at large, to a more limited degree, the library will maintain a small, uncataloged leisure reading collection made up of donations and regular purchases of mass-market paperbacks of general interest. This will include category fiction as well as nonfictional titles of general interest. Items in this collection which are in poor condition will be weeded on a regular basis without replacement.

H. Other library and resources.

Areas of collecting and collection depth and focus of the McIntyre Library are coordinated with the policies of other libraries in the vicinity and with those of our sister institutions across Wisconsin with whom we hold various levels of cooperative agreements. These include, in order of importance:

  1. Other UW-Eau Claire campus reading rooms.
  2. Eau Claire Public Library
  3. Chippewa Valley Technical College Library
  4. Luther Hospital Library
  5. Sacred Heart Hospital Library
  6. UW-System Campuses, Center System,Technical College System
  7. Other state campuses
  8. State campuses of other states, and national libraries in the U.S. and other countries.

IV. Long-term Revision Plans

  1. Perform a biennial review of balance between collection allocations to departments and schools and changes in departmental and school size and organizational structure.
  2. Develop a plan for the acquisition, retention and possible substitution of electronic resources and electronic access to resources as technologies for the creation of a true Virtual Library unfold in the next five years. This will be based on Collection Development policies concerning electronic resources that are under development at other campuses in Wisconsin and in the U.S.
  3. Further develop a retention and deselection policy to make a regular weeding of the collection more easily accomplished.

Appendix One: Mission Statements

Appendix Two: Library Department Statements and Policies

Appendix Three: Collection Levels

Compiled by Dr. Janice M. Bogstad, Collection Development Librarian, August 12, 1993