Crystal Cave

Spring Valley, Wisconsin


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Crystal Cave is located about 48 miles west of Eau Claire, WI on I-94. To get to Crystal Cave from Eau Claire, WI head westbound on I-94 until Hwy 128. Follow Hwy 128 to Spring Valley, WI and from Spring Valley follow Hwy 29 west for one mile.


This is a map of the surrounding cities near Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave is about 45 miles from St. Paul, MN and about 35 miles from Hudson, WI.

The image above is a current map of Crystal Cave. There are still many portions of the cave that are yet to be explored and discovered. The area in red is a new portion of the cave discovered in 1991. When the glacial melt water dissipated the cave began to backfill with clay filling in the many rooms of the cave. To discover these new rooms it takes many workers to remove the sediment to enter the rooms.


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