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Tae Soo Do is the undergraduate program to Hwa Rang Do, and the beginning of a much more intensive study of martial arts. Tae Soo Do is a sport-type training of martial arts.

Hwa Rang Do is the most comprehensive, well-rounded martial art in existence. It is the mother art of other systems and the graduate program to Tae Soo Do. Completing a black belt in Tae Soo Do grants you access into Hwa Rang Do at the third rank.

Tae Soo Do

Hwa Rang Do

An Ancient Martial Art

Though the martial art of the Hwa Rang was created 1,800 years ago, religious persecution forced the secrets of the art to be passed down secretly from one monk to one disciple for 600 years until 1960. In 1960, Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee created and founded the martial art Hwa Rang Do, which combined his knowledge of martial art with the spirit and philosophy of the Hwa Rang.

The basis of Hwa Rang Do stems from the theory of Um-Yang, the two harmonious forces of nature, which are revealed in the soft and hard techniques of Hwa Rang Do. Tae Soo Do was created by Supreme Grandmaster in 1990 as a martial sport of Hwa Rang Do to expose it to people inexperienced in martial arts as a form of recreation and sport.

To understand more of the history behind Hwa Rang Do, watch this three part series on YouTube, Hwa Rang Do: The Untold Story of the Formation of the Modern Korean Martial Arts, which is a first-hand account from Dr. Joo Bang Lee on the founding of Hwa Rang Do. For an understanding of the ancient history of the Hwarang warriors, read the history on the Hwa Rang Do Official Website.

Belt System

A beginner in Tae Soo Do is a white belt. A student may test to gain higher rankings. The rankings are as follows:

When a student receives a Tae Soo Do black belt, he or she also receives Chil Kub (yellow sash) in Hwa Rang Do. The student is then also be responsible for Moo Kub (white sash) and Pal Kub (orange sash) material in Hwa Rang Do.

Each rank has a varying curriculum. To see more of the curriculum, check out what we do in class.

People of Hwa Rang Do

Eau Claire Hwa Rang Do

The UW-Eau Claire Hwa Rang Do community is different than any other school in the Midwest, and perhaps the world. The trait that separates us is the dedication and self-accountability of its students. Academies normally have a black sash at the head of the school. This is a method of quality control, ensuring that anywhere in the world that you learn Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do is following the same standard.

In the last 18 years, UWEC has seen several head instructors, but not every head instructor is a black sash in Eau Claire. While the Eau Claire instructors are allowed to teach Tae Soo Do, they are required to travel for their own training as a Hwa Rang Do student. This dedication creates a unique community in Eau Claire of driven individuals.

Our Head Instructor

Name: Trevor Hanson
Title: Jo Kyo Nim
Rank: Tae Soo Do Black Belt, Hwa Rang Do Half-Black Sash
Email: thanson02@hotmail.com

Jo Kyo Nim Hanson began his training at the UWEC Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do Club in the summer of 2001. He received his Tae Soo Do Black Belt in December of 2004 and has continued to train in Hwa Rang Do under the instruction of Master Kijek and Instructor Buss from the Madison East Academy, as well as with Instructor Coughlin from River Falls. His martial arts career highlights include:

In his spare time, Instructor Hanson enjoys spending time with his wife, socializing and having fun with friends and family, hanging out at coffee houses, watching movies, and catching the local cultural scene.