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Service Recognition and Retirement Reception

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Unused vacation carryover

Part-time permanent and LTEs in WRS 

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Service Recognition and Retirement Reception

The Service Recognition and Retirement Reception will be held Monday, May 7, 2007, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Council Fire room of Davies Center. 

This program recognizes employees who are approaching the anniversary of milestone years of service begins at 3:30 p.m., followed by those retirees being honored.  Invitations were sent to individuals being recognized, but this event is open to everyone.  Please come and support your colleagues who are reaching these career milestones!


Classified Staff News

Unused Vacation Carryover

Any vacation hours carried from 2006 into 2007 must be used by June 30, 2007 or they will be lost. Please refer to your earnings statement to determine if you have any carryover remaining. It will show in the VC line of your statement.


Permanent Part-Time and LTEs Under WRS

If you are going to be off the payroll during the summer, please contact Kris in Human Resources at 36-5389 to arrange for prepayment of insurances.  Because insurance premiums are taken one to two months in advance, please inform Kris as soon as possible of your last date worked and when you plan to return.


Timesheets Online

Classified , WPEC , and LTE timesheets, along with pay schedules , may be found on Human Resources' Web site.  When using online timesheets, please access them from Internet Explorer so you are using the most current file.  NOTE: timesheets are due in HR by noon on the second Thursday of the pay period.  Be sure to print timesheets on the appropriate color paper.


OSER (Office of State Employment Relations) News

Special Announcement:  The Current Opportunities Bulletin (COB) will be discontinued effective June 4, 2007.  OSER will introduce the new Wisc.Jobs Bulletin.  Please Note: Until June 4, 2007, the COB will include the new Wisc.Jobs Bulletin.  For complete details of jobs announced, please visit www.Wisc.Jobs.

NEWS & VIEWS - The latest edition of Office of State Employment Relations News & Views, the semiannual newsletter, is now available at the OSER Web site.  This edition centers around the “behind the scenes” workings of OSER.  You may find the article  “Knowledge Journaling: Much Ado About Something" especially timely as we look for ways to retain institutional knowledge for the future.

Unclassified Staff News

Summer Session Payments (Unclassified Academic Appointments)

Academic year employees will receive their final academic year pay check on June 1, 2007.  Summer session salaries (including the three-week session) are paid in two equal installments on August 1 and September 1 unless otherwise specified in the contract.  Direct questions regarding summer session contracts to the department chair or the Office of Academic Affairs at 36-2033.

Unclassified Leave Statements/Reports

Unclassified leave statements (reports) are distributed about the first of the month.  In order to comply with the requirements of the Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10, it is imperative that the reports are completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office each month. 

Your balance will appear on the top half of your unclassified leave statement only when all of your leave reports have been received by the Human Resources Office.  If any reports are missing, it will be noted.  Please complete the missing reports and submit them to your supervisor so they may be signed and forwarded to our office.

If you cannot locate a missing report, you may access a generic unclassified leave report in the Miscellaneous “Forms” section of Human Resources’ Web site.  Print the form out for the appropriate fiscal year, complete, and turn the form in to your department for signature. 

NOTE:  Because the official form is not distributed until the first of each month, you may not receive your May statement until after you have left campus for the summer.  Therefore, on May 10th, you will receive a blank reporting  form to complete prior to your departure from campus.  This will not stop your official form (including your balances) from being distributed on or about June 1.  If you complete the blank reporting form, you do not have to complete the official one.  To avoid confusion, we are attempting to collect the reports prior to the end of the semester.

Insurance Deductions (Unclassified Academic Year appts only)

If you have an academic year appointment and are returning for the fall semester, a total of four premiums will be taken from the June 1 pay check.  Annual (12-month) employees will continue to have one premium per month deducted if they are working through the summer.

 Vacation and Personal Holidays (Unclassified Annual Appts.)

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, please remember that personal holidays are non-cumulative and MUST be used prior to July.  Vacation earned in 2006-2007 will automatically carry over into 2007-2008 if it has not been used.  If you have questions about this policy, please contact Sue Pettis at 36-2018 (pettissl) in Human Resources.

Student Payroll News


 Student Employment Eligibility - GAPP 18

In the past, non-UW System students and high school students hired by UW-Eau Claire were paid as LTEs on the classified payroll.  A recent change in the definition in Financial Administration Employment of  Student Help policy (G18) allows us to revise our past practice.  Policy (G18) allows all student employees to be paid through the regular student payroll process, including students from:

  • An accredited institution of higher learning

  • Technical college

  • Vocational or trade school

  • High School

Students must be prepared to show a school ID to prove they are enrolled for classes in the current or upcoming semester.  Anyone under the age of 18 must obtain a child labor permit prior to the beginning of their employment.

Graduating students are eligible to work through the summer in their current position.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to Stacie Moyer at 36-5260 or e-mail moyers.

Important Student Payroll Dates

The last student payroll paid from 2007 fiscal year funds will be June 17 - June 30, 2007.  The deadline for submitting timesheets for that pay period is Thursday, June 28, 2007 with a pay date of July 13, 2007. 

Summer session eligibility begins May 20, 2007 and ends August 25, 2007.  Eligibility forms may be entered now.  Make sure to mark the correct employment period on the eligibility form.

Summer Employment Forms

Continuing Students Newly-hired students

Payroll forms (hard copies) may be submitted as soon as they are completed.  The deadline for submitting payroll forms is always the Monday before a timesheet is due.  Refer to the student payroll schedule for timesheet deadlines and eligibility periods, available online.

July 4th early timesheet deadline!!  The university will be closed Wednesday, July 4; consequently, student timesheets are due in the Human Resources office no later than noon on Thursday, June 28, 2007.  Housing and A&P time sheets are due by noon Friday, June 29, 2007.

Questions regarding student payroll may be directed to Stacie Moyer at 836-5260 or

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