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The Service Recognition and Retirement Reception will be held on Wednesday, KeychainMay 12, 2010, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Council Fire room of Davies Center. 

The program, which recognizes employees approaching milestone years-of-service anniversaries, will begin at 3:30 p.m., followed by recognition of retirees.  Invitations were sent to individuals being recognized, but this event is open to everyone.  Please come and support your colleagues who are reaching these career milestones!

What's New In HR?

The Office of Human Resources welcomes Duane "Van" Dresar to the HR team as UW Human Resources Manager.  "Van" is coordinating classified staffing, recruitment, hiring, and training.  He will also be administering reclassifications, reallocations, and personnel issues.  Van is located in S220C.

Melissa Binick, who previously administered the criminal background check program, is now working exclusively with hiring, classification, and compensation for classified staff.  Melissa is located in S220.

Erika Kostner has returned to UW-Eau Claire administering student payroll and the worker's compensation program.  Erika is located in S219.

Julie Carr, who is now coordinating criminal background checks, has added office managerial duties and support. Julie has relocated from S219 to S220.

Sue Pettis - Sue is responsible for faculty and academic staff benefits, grad assistantship benefits, and retirement counseling.  Sue is located in S219B.

Jan Sikora, in addition to LTE coordinator, has added the immigration/visa program to her duties. Jan is located in S220.

HRS Talent Acquisition Team: Jennifer Amy, Glenda Hoggatt, Sheila Whitley, and Remmy Durodola.  For information on TAM, and a complete list of HR staff/duties, check out HR's updated "Who's Who in HR?" Web site at up

July 4 and December 25 Holidays

July 4th holiday falls on a Sunday in 2010.  In observance, the university will be closed Monday, July 5.

December 25, Christmas Day, falls on a Saturday in 2010.  Employees not scheduled to work will earn a floating legal holiday. These hours may be used anytime during 2010.  If hours are used prior to December 25, employees will see a negative balance on their earnings statements until the holiday is actually earned.  Floating legal holiday hours must be used prior to December 31, 2010, or they will be lost.  Classified employees - please use the "H" code on timesheets when recording usage of these hours.  Part-time (less than 100%) classified employees already have the hours for Christmas Day included in their balance.

Health Care Reform Bill

With the passage of the health care reform bill, the reconciliation bill, and President Obama's signing of the bills, there are many questions being asked about what is included in the reform package and what its impact will be.  ETF (Employee Trust Funds) has posted the following notice from their Web site:

(Dated March 26, 2010)
Federal Health Insurance Act

The recently-enacted federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) and the health care reconciliation bill (H.R. 4872) which, as of this writing, is being considered by Congress, will make changes to health insurance coverage.  The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF), the state agency that administers the state and local group health insurance programs, is currently in the process of reviewing both the Act and the reconciliation bill determine the impact they will have on the programs administered by ETF.  The Act and reconciliation bill contain a substantial amount of language (the Act has nearly 2500 pages); therefore, we would appreciate your patience as we carefully review the Act and the reconciliation bill in their entirety.  We will provide more information about the impact of the Act on the state and local health programs as it becomes available. 

WRS Statements
  • UW employees covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) in 2009 received their annual WRS statements through campus mail the week of April 19, 2010.  The statement provides employees with information about their individual WRS account as of January 1, 2010.  Read more about the WRS statement on HR's Web site at .

Employees who did not receive their statement may contact Diane Willer in the Office of Human Resources for a duplicate copy.  

New in 2010:  Member ID Replaces Social Security Number.  In order to better protect your personal information, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has assigned member identification (ID) numbers to all WRS members. Read more on HR's Web site

UW Tax-Shelter 403(b) Program

Saving for the future is important!  The Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program - your supplemental retirement savings plan - simultaneously reduces your tax bill and helps you prepare for your retirement.  The UW TSA plan is a long-term retirement savings vehicle.  If you are not contributing, enroll in the TSA program; it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Contact Barb Bowers, 36-3871 or bowersba, for more information.

FBMC’s “GO GREEN Initiative

Participants of the ERA (Employee Reimbursement Account) program who provided FBMC (Federal Benefits Management Company) with an e-mail address should have received an e-mail notification of FBMC's online services.  This is legitimate and it is from FBMC.  If you are a participant and would like to receive e-mail notifications regarding your account, you may sign up at, click on the “GO GREEN box on the Account Access page and you’re on your way to simpler account management.  You will receive e-mail notices for events such as claims received and paid, claims rejected, and card suspension, plus much more!

FBMC’s “GO GREEN initiative makes it easy for you to track claims and manage your account. In addition, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Your information is just a click away!

If you aren't familiar with Human Resources' Web site, now is a perfect time to check it out. Payroll and benefits related news is announced on our home page, along with links to everything from accident reports to W-4 withholding forms.  HR strives to provide access to all your payroll and benefits needs, including form fill timesheets, links to health and life insurance companies, and "My HR," your personal, salary history, and other employee information. Check our home page often!

  Soon Exciting news!  Beginning next week, May 10, 2010 students and staff will be able to retrieve earnings and leave statements in a secured portal - "My UW System." Check our homepage on Monday! 

What is "My UW System"?

"My UW System" provides employees with online access to:

*  Earnings statements
*  Leave statements and reports (including furlough time reports)
*  Annual tax statements
*  Annual Staff Benefits Statementup

Employees will also find links directing them to detailed information and assistance for the statements and reports. 

My UW System News and Employee Resources modules are additional online features that will be used to communicate payroll, benefits, and human resources information to employees.  Information will be e-mailed to employees as it becomes available. 

**  Important Message to All E-mail Users  **

All payroll and benefits correspondence from Human Resources is sent to employees' UW-Eau Claire e-mail address unless otherwise indicated.  It is not recommended that students and staff employees forward their UW-Eau Claire e-mail to a personal e-mail address.  HR cannot guarantee receipt of messages once the messages are forwarded.  Any questions regarding e-mail forwarding may be directed to the Help Desk at 836-5711. 

HR is currently converting our pdf forms to form fill documents in which form fill information can be saved. Please use the documents from our forms page to ensure that you are using the most current version. 

Faculty and Academic Staff Furlough

"Pay as you Go" employees (pay is reduced as furlough time off is taken)

  • 12-month employees-fiscal year:  Required 2009-2010 furlough time off (FTO) must be taken no later than June 30, 2010.  Furlough time reports for the month of June need to be completed and returned to Human Resources no later than June 19, 2010 in order to meet the unclassified payroll calculation deadline.  Please note: May FTO and June FTO will be deducted from the paycheck payable July 1, 2010 for 12-month employees.

  • 9-month fiscal year employees (those who will not receive a July 1 paycheck): Required 2009-2010 furlough time (FTO) must be taken and reported no later than the end of the academic year.  Furlough time reports for the month of May need to be completed and returned to Human Resources no later than May 21, 2010 in order to meet the unclassified payroll calculation deadline.  Please note: April FTO and May FTO will be deducted from the paycheck payable June 1, 2010 for 9-month employees who are paid on a fiscal year basis. up

Automatic 3.065% reduction employees:

  • 9-month employees (academic year): Earned 2009-2010 furlough time off (FTO) must be taken no later than the end of the academic year which ends May 23, 2010.  In order to use remaining FTO in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, all furlough time off must be reported to Human Resources by May 20, 2010 in order to meet the unclassified payroll calculation deadline. up

Classified Staff Furlough

  • Furlough cannot be taken during a week that an employee has overtime hours.

  • Classified employees must use furlough days by June 19, 2010.

  • Non-exempt employees have their bi-weekly pay reduced by a percentage.

  • Exempt employees are "pay as you go."

  • Furlough must be taken in increments of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

  • Lump sum payments are not subject to furlough reduction.

Specific information regarding furlough for classified and limited term employees may be found on HR's Web site at:

Furlough Notes to Remember:

  • Employees should monitor their furlough time off to avoid situations where it may cause a financial hardship in the last month of the fiscal year or contract period.

  • Employees cannot take more than eight (8) hours of furlough time off in a one-week period.

  • Your furlough balance is listed on your earnings statement.

UW Eau Claire University Identified Furlough days for 2010-2011:

August 20, 2010, November 26, 2010, December 27, 2010 and March 25, 2011.

Furlough Contact Information

Unclassified employees (faculty and academic staff) - Cheryl Hauser at 836-5260 or hauserc.

Classified employees - Kris Bremness at 836-5389 or bremnekk.

Complete furlough information:

The end of the 09-10 fiscal year is the pay period ending June 19, 2010 for Classified and LTE’s, with a pay date of July 1, 2010.  The new fiscal year for payroll will begin June 20, 2010.

Any vacation hours carried from 2009 into 2010 must be used by June 30, 2010 or the hours will be lost. Please refer to your earnings statement to determine if you have any carryover remaining. It will show in the VC line of your statement.

Permanent Part-Time and LTEs Under WRS

If you are going to be off the payroll during the summer, please contact Kris Bremness in Human Resources at 36-5389 or bremnekk to arrange for prepayment of insurances.  Because insurance premiums are taken one to two months in advance, please inform Kris as soon as possible of your last date worked and when you plan to return.  

Form Fill Timesheets Online

Classified , WPEC , WEACExcel, and LTE timesheets, along with pay schedules , may be found on Human Resources' Web site.  When using online timesheets, please access them from Internet Explorer so you are using the most current file.  NOTE: timesheets are due in HR by noon on the second Thursday of the pay period.  Be sure to print timesheets on the appropriate color paper.

Classified Staff Web Site

This Web site has been developed by a committee made up of fellow Classified Staff members.  The Classified Staff Web site's purpose is to promote a positive, professional environment for all classified employees, including awards, professional development, and scholarships.  Any classified staff employee is eligible and encouraged to become a member of the committee.up 

Summer Session Payments (Unclassified Academic Appointments)

Academic year employees will receive their final academic year pay check on June 1, 2010.  Summer session salaries (including the three-week session) are paid in two equal installments on August 1 and September 1 unless otherwise specified in the contract.  Direct questions regarding summer session contracts to the department chair or Barb Hanson in Human Resources at 36-5040.

Multiple Insurance Deductions May Affect Your June 1, 2010 Paycheck
  • 9-month employees who are returning in the fall will have multiple deductions (deductions for May, June, July and August) taken from the May earnings (June 1 pay check) for all insurance programs, (excluding Tax-Sheltered Annuities, Deferred Compensation and the Employee Reimbursement Accounts program).  The multiple deductions are taken to ensure your continued insurance coverage during the summer months.

  • Please be aware that the combination of multiple insurance deductions taken on your June 1 paycheck will have an impact on your net take-home pay.

  • Annual (12-month) employees will continue to have one premium per month deducted if they are working through the summer.

If you have any questions regarding May multiple insurance deductions, please contact Sue Pettis at

Unclassified Leave Statements/Reports

Unclassified leave statements (reports) are distributed at the end of the month.  In order to comply with the requirements of the Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10, it is imperative that the reports are completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office each month. 

Your balance will appear on the top half of your unclassified leave statement only when all of your leave reports have been received by the Human Resources Office.  If any reports are missing, it will be noted.  Please complete the missing reports and submit them to your supervisor so they may be signed and forwarded to our office.

If you cannot locate a missing report, you may access a generic unclassified leave report in the Miscellaneous “Forms” section of Human Resources’ Web site.  Print the form out for the appropriate fiscal year, complete, and turn the form in to your department for signature.  Refer questions and concerns regarding leave reports to the main HR phone number 836-3871. 

NOTE: You should have received your April and May leave statements on April 29th.  We are attempting to collect the May reports prior to the end of the academic year.

Missing leave reports for the fiscal year must be returned by August 1st.  If leave reports are not returned, sick leave will be reduced on August 15.  Contact Barb Bowers for questions regarding missing leave reports. 

Vacation and Personal Holidays (Unclassified Annual Appts.)

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, please remember that personal holidays are non-cumulative and MUST be used prior to July.  Vacation earned in 2009-2010 will automatically carry over into 2010-2011 if it has not been used.  If you have questions about this policy, please contact Cheryl Hauser in Human Resources. 

Non-UWEC Claire Student Eligibility

All Non-UWEC student employees will be required to have direct deposit, and will be issued a UW-Eau Claire e-mail address at the time of eligibility.  Earnings statements will be e-mailed to all students' UWEC e-mail accounts. (In the past, Non-UWEC students were not issued a UW-Eau Claire e-mail address.)  Please provide students with the proper documents (see Summer Employment Forms below). 

Note to supervisors:  To insure that students are paid in a timely matter, please be sure to fill out all sections of the non-federal work-study employment eligibility form.  Job I.D#, account code, rate of pay, supervisor I.D#, etc. are vital to timely payment.  These Non-UWEC eligibility forms have recently been revised.  Please discard any old forms you may have in your office and replace with new forms which are available in Financial Aid or Student Payroll S219.

Important Student Payroll Dates

The last student payroll paid from 2009-10 fiscal year funds will be June 13 - June 26, SS2010.  The deadline for submitting timesheets for that pay period is Friday, June 25, 2010, with a pay date of July 9, 2010. 

Summer session eligibility begins May 23, 2010, and ends August 21, 2010.  Eligibility forms may be entered now.  Make sure to mark the correct employment period on the eligibility form.

  • Minnesota Tax Reciprocity forms are no longer being used.  Please discard any copies you may have. 
  • The W-4 formpdf was recently updated.  Please refer to HR's Web site for the latest version.
Continuing Students Newly-hired students


Payroll forms (hard copies) may be submitted as soon as they are completed.  The deadline for submitting payroll forms is always the Monday before a timesheet is due.  Refer to the student payroll schedule for timesheet deadlines and eligibility periods, available online.

Questions regarding student payroll may be directed to Erika Kostner at 836-4068. 

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