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Health Insurance Dual Choice
Dual Choice enrollment period will be held from Monday, October 10 through Friday, October 28, 2005.  During this time, currently insured employees may switch from one health plan to another or from single to family coverage without any waiting period for preexisting conditions.

Benefits Fair
Representatives from local insurance companies will be on campus Wednesday, October 12, 2005 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. in the Council Fire Room of Davies Center.

Personal Information

Personal Changes
If your "family status" is changing, please check with the staff in Human Resources to see if there are insurance coverage changes.  Address change forms are online at http://www.uwec.edu/hr/forms.htm.  Family status changes may include:

  • marriage or divorce

  • birth or adoption of a child

  • a child reaching 19 years old and not a student

  • a child reaching age 25

  • other health insurance coverage  

Campus Directory Changes
Changes for 2005-2006 campus directory must be submitted to Human Resources, Schofield 220, by September 15, 2005.  E-mail changes to Diane Willer at willerdm

E-mail and Blugold Access
All UW-Eau Claire employees, including limited term employees, have e-mail accounts.  For first-time access to the e-mail server and to use the Blugold System, employees must use their Personal Identification Number.  To receive a PIN, an employee must come to the Office of Human Resources, Schofield 220, with picture ID.  Once a PIN is obtained, employees can learn about accessing information by visiting the Learning and Technology Services Help Desk Web site at http://www.uwec.edu/helpdesk or by calling the Help Desk at 36-5711 (Old Library 1144).

Employee Assistance Program
The UW-Eau Claire Employee Assistance Program is available to all faculty, staff, and their household members.  Individuals can discuss any difficulty that is interfering with their personal effectiveness at work or home.  The EAP provides counseling, referrals, consultation, and workshops on a variety of topics upon request.  The services are confidential and free of charge.  For more information you can visit http://www.uwec.edu/counsel/eap.htm or contact Pete Chellman at 836-5521 or e-mail chellmpa.

Worker's Compensation Claims
Any work related injury or illness must be reported to an employee's supervisor immediately following an incident.  Within 24 hours of an employee's report of injury, supervisors should contact the Worker's Compensation Coordinator, Amy TeBeest, in the Office of Human Resources, 220 Schofield Hall at 36-2513 or tebeesas to report the incident. 

You may be wondering why injuries need to be reported within the aforementioned timeframe.  Most importantly, a prompt report of injury allows us to make sure, as soon as possible after an injury, that work environments and work practices are safe.  It also expedites processing of claims and reimbursement of medical costs, lost time, etc.  Furthermore, penalties can be assessed by the Department of Workforce Development if injuries are not reported in a timely manner.  Prompt report of injury can help us avoid this unnecessary cost to your department.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

2005 Charitable Campaign
Within a few weeks, all faculty and staff will receive the United Way and the State Employees Combined Campaign packets.  The packets will include a combined pledge card and brochures for both fund drives.  Also watch for "Day of Caring" flyers in campus mail.  Direct questions about all three campaigns to Barbara Bowers, Campaign Committee Chair, at 36-3871 or e-mail bowersba.  


Floating Holidays
During the 2005-2006 fiscal year, there are two legal holidays (December 24, 2005, and December 31, 2005) that fall on Saturdays.  Unclassified staff who earn vacation are eligible to use these days at another time.  The legal holiday hours will be added to the floating holiday balance at the time they are earned.  You may anticipate the use of these legal holidays, and the leave report may show a negative balance until December/January.  These legal holidays must be used by June 30, 2006; there is no provision to carry them into the next fiscal year or to include them with your annual leave reserve hours.  Please note that December 25, 2005 and January 1, 2006 are legal holidays that fall on Sundays.  When a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, the University is closed the following Monday and no "floating time" is accumulated.  Contact Sue Pettis at 36-2018 or email pettissl with questions.

Unclassified Leave Statements
Academic year unclassified employees will receive the first monthly leave statement for the academic year on or about 10/01/05.  Please remember to complete it and send it to your supervisor each month within five days of receipt.  Those employees with a summer session appointment will receive a leave statement on or about 9/10/05 covering the summer session.  Refer questions to Sue at 36-2018 or e-mail pettissl.


Student Payroll Deadlines
Timesheets are due in the Human Resources office by noon every other Friday (unless otherwise noted).  Please refer to the Student Payroll Calendar on our Web site at http://www.uwec.edu/hr/student.HTMFridays and Mondays are important days in the student payroll cycle.  Student employee payroll forms are due in the Human Resources office the Monday prior to submitting a time sheet.  These forms include I-9, W-4, paycheck distribution form, and online eligibility.  All forms may be found on our Web site by clicking on "Student Payroll Information" in the Payroll & Benefits section.  Refer questions to Stacie Moyer at 36-5260 or moyers.

Student Timesheet Processing
We are asking your assistance in making certain that our student employees are paid promptly.  Please check the time sheet before you sign and submit it.  Make sure all payroll forms are turned in by the Friday deadline.  Your assistance will ensure timely processing of the student payroll during the busy time at the beginning of the academic year.  Please remember that students' paychecks are as important to them as our paychecks are to us.

Academic Year Eligibility Session
The academic year eligibility session begins August 28, 2005, and ends May 20, 2006.  Please make sure ALL student workers have a new academic year eligibility form on file before submitting their first academic year time sheet.  Please refer to Human Resources' Web site http://www.uwec.edu/hr/student.HTM for the payroll schedule.  NOTE:  Effective June 1, 2005, the new minimum wage for student employees is $5.70/hr.

Selective Service Compliance Policy
Remember when hiring new student employees - males (between the ages of 18 and not yet 26) must be registered with Selective Service.  Supervisors can check the BLUGOLD SYSTEM to see if a student has complied with this requirement.  If not, they must complete a Selective Service Compliance Form which may be found on Human Resources' Web site.  Refer questions to Stacie Moyer at 36-5260 or moyers.


International Students
All newly-hired international student employees need to make an appointment to see Sue Pettis to complete their payroll forms (i.e. I-9, tax forms including tax treaty forms).  Supervisors should enter their Online eligibility form as soon as they want to start the employment process.  International students must not begin working until they have completed forms with Sue, and have received approval from the Center for International Education to work on campus, and have received their social security card.  Refer questions to Sue Pettis, 36-2018 or email pettissl



Office and Telephone Training For Students

What is it?  Training in basic telephone skills and office etiquette for student workers.
Who should attend?  Any student workers who need assistance with tips in basic office and telephone etiquette. 

  DATE: Tuesday, October 4, 2005
  TIME: 11:00 a.m. - noon     **OR**    1:00 - 2:00 p.m.   (two sessions)
  PLACE: Presidents Room, Davies Center
  COST: Free of Charge (please register below)



  Trainers: Mary Casey and Amy TeBeest - Office of Human Resources
    Click here to register online  

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