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"My UW System" provides employees with online access to:

  • Earnings Statements
  • Leave Statements and reports (including furlough time reports)
  • Annual tax statemetns (W2's)
  • Annual University Staff Benefits Statement

My UW System is available at or from any of the Human Resources web pages under "My UW System." To login, select your campus/institution, and then enter your user name and password. If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at 715-836-2513.

Employees will also find links directing them to detailed information and assistance for their statements and reports. My UW System News and Employee Resources modules are additional online features that will be used to communicate payroll, benefits, and human resources information to employees.  Employees will need to access their earnings statements and monthly leave statements (faculty and academic staff) through the UW System Portal. 

The October 7, 2010 statement for classified and LTE’s, the October 1, 2010 earnings and leave statements for faculty and academic staff, and October 1, 2010 for student employees will be the last statements sent via email. After these dates employees will need to logon to the portal to view their earnings statements and leave reports.

The link to the portal and additional information can be found on the Human Resources web site at  Faculty and Academic Staff will receive a one-time reminder e-mail when leave statements are placed in the portal following October 1, 2010. After this date, employees will be responsible for logging into the portal to retrieve their leave statements.up

Criminal Background Checks

When hiring new employees, please keep in mind that a criminal background check (CBC) must be performed on candidates before a job is offered. Paperwork for the CBC can be found on the Human Resources Web site under "Forms." The paperwork must be submitted before a CBC can be processed. To find out if a prospective employee already has a background check on file, or if you have questions or concerns, contact Julie Carr in HR at 36-3095 or e-mail carrjk.

2010 Charitable Campaign

In late September all faculty and staff will receive the United Way packet, which will include a pledge card and brochures. State Employees combined Campaign will be sent via e-mail. Direct questions to Barbara Bowers, campus campaign coordinator, at 36-3871 or e-mail bowersba.up

2010 "It's Your Choice"

NOTE: In early October, "It's Your Choice" booklets will be e-mailed to eligible employees.

E-mail messages will include a link to the Department of Employee Trust Fund's (ETF) Web site to obtain the "It's Your Choice" booklet. Note: Paper copies of the booklet will be available at the Benefits Fair for those who need them.

Open enrollment for Health Insurance, Dental, Vision and EPIC Benefits+ starts October 4 and runs through October 29. Enrollment for the Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) Program starts October 4 and runs through November 12.up

Benefits Fair

Employees will be able to use the portal to view information on the various plans they are eligible to enroll in. Representatives from local insurance companies and health care providers will be on campus

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Council Fire Room of Davies Center.


December 25, Christmas Day, falls on a Saturday in 2010.  Employees not scheduled to work will earn a floating legal holiday. These hours may be used anytime during 2010. 

If hours are used prior to December 25, employees will see a negative balance on their earnings statements until the holiday is actually earned.  Floating legal holiday hours must be used prior to December 31, 2010 for classified employees.

Classified employees - please use the "H" code on timesheets when recording usage of these hours.  Part-time (less than 100%) classified employees already have the hours for Christmas Day included in their balance.

Coming Soon

In Spring 2011 Human Resources will be transitioning to a new Human Resources/Payroll system.

As we prepare to move forward, we will be organizing an employee campus group to assist with training for our employees in late 2010. The new system will have online access for employees to maintain their information and enter their time and leave. Human Resources is excited for the challenges the new year will bring.

We will be sending out more information about this campus group at a later date.

Employee Trust Funds (ETF)

This fall, ETF will again offer WRS workshops at various locations within the state.

The schedule is included in the Employer Bulletin, Vol. 27 No. 14 August 6, 2010.

Member ID Replaces Social Security Number.  In order to better protect your personal information, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has assigned member identification (ID) numbers to all WRS members. You will find your ETF member ID on your Navitus prescription card. up

Health Insurance Reform Resources

The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA) became law on March 23, 2010. This legislation, along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, will make changes to the nation's healthcare system over the next several years.

UW System Web site is available to assist in providing information regarding the Health Care Reform Act.  This Web site can be found at:

Worker's Compensation

A reminder to all employees and supervisors: Any work-related injury or illness must be reported immediately. The correct forms must be completed by the employee and supervisor. The forms can be found on the Human Resources Web site under "Forms."

The Department of Workforce Development regulations (DWD 80.02 (3)(b)) indicate that Worker's Comp claims must be submitted to the Worker's Compensation Coordinator in the Human Resources office (Erika Kostner) immediately following an injury. Untimely submissions are subject to fines. up

Furlough Information
Faculty and Academic Staff Furlough

"Pay as you Go" employees (pay is reduced as furlough time off is taken)

  • 12-month employees-fiscal year:  Required 2010-2011 furlough time off (FTO) must be taken no later than June 30, 2011.  

  • 9-month fiscal year employees: Required 2010-2011 furlough time (FTO) must be taken and reported no later than the end of the academic year which is May 22, 2011. 

Automatic 3.065% reduction employees:

  • 9-month employees with "pay as you go" status: Earned 2010-2011 furlough time off (FTO) must be taken no later than the end of the academic year which ends May 22, 2011.  up


Classified Staff Furlough
  • Furlough cannot be taken during a week that an employee has overtime hours.

  • Classified employees must use furlough days by June 18, 2011.

  • Non-exempt employees have their bi-weekly pay reduced by a percentage.

  • Exempt employees are "pay as you go."

  • Furlough must be taken in increments of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

  • Lump sum payments are not subject to furlough reduction.

Specific information regarding furlough for classified and limited term employees may be found on HR's Web site at:

All Employees regarding furlough.
  • Employees should monitor their furlough time off to avoid situations where it may cause a financial hardship in the last month of the fiscal year or contract period.

  • Employees cannot take more than eight (8) hours of furlough time off in a one-week period.(Exception in some union contracts. Refer to specific contract for maximum hours in a one week period).

  • Your furlough balance is listed on your earnings statement which can be accessed in the portal through "My UW System" found on the Human Resources Web site.

UW Eau Claire University Identified Furlough days for 2010-2011:
August 20, 2010
November 26, 2010
December 27, 2010
March 25, 2011

Medical Certificate

Written Certification is necessary from a health care provider of the medical necessity for use of sick leave used for more than five consecutive full work days, except when the use of sick leave is authorized in advance, pursuant to the Wisconsin or Federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Questions may be referred to the Office of Human Resources:

Faculty & Academic Staff - Sue Pettis (36-2018)
Classified Staff - Kris Bremness (36-5389)

Form Fill Timesheets Online

onlineClassified, WPEC, WEAC, and LTE timesheets, along with pay schedules, may be found on Human Resources Web site.  When using online timesheets, please access them from Internet Explorer so you are using the most current file.  NOTE: timesheets are due in HR by noon on the second Thursday of the pay period. Please refer to your leave balances when reporting time off. Indicating a leave type with a zero balance may result in a loss of pay. Be sure to print timesheets on the appropriate color paper. up

Sabbatical and Cash Payment Option

Notices for the classified sabbatical and cash payment options will be sent to eligible employees in November. Eligibility criteria varies between union contracts. Please consult your union contract if you have questions about this benefit.

Compensatory Time

WSEU represented, WLEA, craftsworker, health care, and engineering employees: compensatory time earned as a result of overtime or working on a holiday during 2010 will automatically carry over into 2011. The hours carried over must be used by April 30, 2011 or they will be paid off at the employee's April 30, 2011 rate of pay.

Employees represented by WEAC have until June 20, 2011 to use carryover comp. Comp time not used by that date will be paid off at the June 20, 2011 hourly rate.

Employees represented by WPEC and Science unions have until June 30, 2011 to use carryover comp time. Comp time not used by that date will be paid off at the June 30, 2011 hourly rate

Non represented employees have until December 31, 2011 to use carry over comp time. Hours not used by that date will be paid off at the December 31, 2011 hourly rate.

If you have questions, contact Kris Bremness at 36-5389.up

Carryover of Unused Vacation

vacationEmployees are allowed to carry over up to 40 hours of vacation without requesting approval.  If an employee wishes to carry over more than 40 hours, the supervisor must approve the carryover verbally.  Human Resources does not need to see these approvals.  Any vacation carried over must be used prior to June 30, 2011 or it is lost. Personal and Legal holidays may not be carried over into 2011.

Classified Staff Web Site

This Web site has been developed by a committee made up of fellow Classified Staff members.  The Classified Staff Web site's purpose is to promote a positive, professional environment for all classified employees, including awards, professional development, and scholarships

If you are classified staff and plan on attending a seminar or workshop for professional development, check out the Web site. There is a simple form you can fill out to apply for a scholarship to have some or all of your fees paid by the Classified Staff for Professional Development account. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the committee. up 

Unclassified Staff News
Unclassified Leave Statements/Reports

Unclassified leave statements (reports) are distributed at the end of the month.  In order to comply with the requirements of the Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10, it is imperative that the reports are completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office each month. 

Your balance will appear on the top half of your unclassified leave statement only when all of your leave reports have been received by the Human Resources Office.  If any reports are missing, it will be noted.  Please complete the missing reports and submit them to your supervisor so they may be signed and forwarded to our office.

If you cannot locate a missing report, you may access your unclassified leave report in the "My UW System” section of the Human Resources’ Web site.  Print the form out for the appropriate fiscal year, complete, and turn the form in to your department for signature. 

Refer questions and concerns regarding leave reports to the main HR phone number 836-2513.  

Student Payroll News
Coming October 2010!!

Students will need to access their earnings statements through the UW System Portal.

Starting with the October 15 pay date the earnings statement for students will only be available in the portal and will not be e-mailed to the student.

The link to the portal and additional information can be found on the Human Resources Web site at

Supervisors will need to notify their students of this change.

International Students

International students who have not worked on campus before must make an appointment to meet with Cheryl Hauser (36-5260 or in the Human Resources Office to complete the necessary payroll forms prior to starting work. International students must obtain a Social Security card prior to beginning work.

Important Payroll Dates

The academic session eligibility began August 22, 2010, and ends May 21, 2011. Make sure to mark the correct employment period on the eligibility form.

Please be aware of the early timesheet deadlines for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Refer to the student payroll schedule, available online.

Employment Forms
  • Minnesota Tax Reciprocity forms are no longer being used.  Please discard any copies you may have. 
  • The W-4 formpdf was recently updated.  Please refer to Human Resource's Web site for the latest version.
Continuing Students
Newly-hired students


Payroll forms (hard copies) may be submitted as soon as they are completed.  The deadline for submitting payroll forms is always the Monday before a timesheet is due.  Refer to the student payroll schedule pdf for timesheet deadlines and eligibility periods, available online.

Questions regarding student payroll may be directed to Erika Kostner at 36-4068.  up



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